Avengers 3: Infinity War – Was Thanos Right?

Last summer, I went to the movie Avengers 3: Infinity War. After watching the movie, I had a question that I kept thinking about: Was Thanos right for killing half of the universe?

 In Avengers 3: Infinity War Thanos tries to get the remaining five infinity stones that are spread all over the universe. His own planet, Titan, suffered from overpopulation, and he doesn’t want that to happen to the whole universe. So, he started his journey to collect the stones in order to kill half of the people living in the universe and to continue the “balance.”

Nowadays, many scientists talk about the issue of overpopulation on our planet Earth. Earth only has a limited amount of resources, but the population keeps increasing every year. In 1800 the world’s population was around 1 billion people. Since then it has increased more than sevenfold to reach over 7.5 billion in 2017. By the year 2050, our population is forecasted to top 10 billion. Simply put, the world’s population is increasing because the number of births outnumbers deaths by three to one.

In fact, some people believe that the Earth already has too many people and not enough resources to maintain our current lifestyles for very long. And they cite the problems the Earth is facing as more evidence that it cannot survive much longer. As quoted from recent BBC and Forbes articles, “Many people argue that we are well over a sustainable number already, given the lifestyle choices many of us have made and our reluctance to change them. In support of this, they point to the problems of climate change, the biodiversity extinction crisis underway, mass ocean pollution, the fact that one billion people are already starving and that another one billion people have nutrient deficiencies.” (*Sources cited below.)

DiRectory staff reporters interviewed a few people at Rectory and asked them whether or not Thanos should have killed half the people in order to solve the overpopulation problem. Here are their responses:

Gabe F. (one of the best basketball players at Rectory):  I know that the Earth is already overpopulated. What I would suggest is that countries limit the amount of people who are born. I think that Thanos is scary because he is big and purple.

Connor C.: I think Thanos is evil and he has an evil plan at the same time. I don’t think what Thanos did is right; he could solve the problem another way. If I had six infinity stones, I would give the universe some more resources. If there were more resources, the population wouldn’t be a problem. I don’t have a plan for solving overpopulation on Earth, but maybe one solution would be to have every person save some resources.

Eli F.: I think Thanos is scary. I don’t think what he did is correct because he killed so many people. If I had the six infinity stones, I would first provide more water and more food, secondly, make the world a better place, and thirdly, get rid of Thanos. My plan for overpopulation is to let some people move to another planet.

Mr. Long (Physics teacher, dorm parent, and coach): Thanos is very scary. I think what Thanos did isn’t correct because killing people isn’t good at all. If I had all six infinity stones, I would give everyone good health, food, friendship, kindness, and compassion.

And, finally, in this reporter’s opinion: I think what Thanos did to the universe was not correct. Killing innocent people is never the right thing to do, no matter what. Nowadays people are discussing what we should do about the overpopulation on Earth. We hope that in the future there will be positive ways to solve this problem. What do you think?

(*Sources: http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20160311-how-many-people-can-our-planet-really-support