Rectory’s New Director of Learning Services

Ms. Mungai is Rectorys new Director of Learning Services

Ms. Mungai is Rectory’s new Director of Learning Services

Since last year (2017/2018) Rectory School has had a new Director of Learning Services, Ms. Rebecca Pagitt-Mungai. Ms. Mungai’s position involves heading up the Individualized Instruction Program (IIP) in the newly-built Learning Center, where there are 17 tutors who work one-on-one with Rectory students to support their academic studies and learning skills. The DiRectory interviewed Ms. Mungai so we could get to know her a little better.

The DiRectory: Hi, Ms.Mungai!

Ms. Mungai: Hi, Connor!

The DiRectory: I’d like to ask you some questions and write an article about you for the student newspaper, okay? (Ms. Mungai nodded in agreement.) Where were you born?

Ms. Mungai: I was born in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy when my father was stationed there.

The DiRectory: Wow! Do you like this school and why?

Ms. Mungai: I do for a lot of reasons, one being that this is my first boarding school. It is interesting to see that the students not only attend classes but sleep here too.

The DiRectory: What is your favorite place at Rectory?

Ms. Mungai: I think I love the tutoring center most, and what it does for the students. I have a great tutee whose name is Connor Clancy. (Gee! I wonder who THAT is?)

The DiRectory: What are your hobbies?

Ms. Mungai: I love to travel and see new places. I even have a random list of places that I want to visit. It’s like I just have to see things. I have a love for museums and a love for history. Cooking, reading and going to the theatre are also activities I enjoy.

The DiRectory: Why did you decide to become a tutor instead of a teacher?

Ms. Mungai: Well, prior to working at Rectory, I was a teacher for 17 years in a variety of different settings.

The DiRectory: What did you teach and where?

Ms. Mungai: I was a history teacher in both public and private day schools. I like to have individual conversations with children and be able to support them.

The DiRectory: Do you have any kids?

Ms. Mungai: Yes, I have a daughter named Selah who’s in the third grade.

The DiRectory: What is it like to be a mother and a teacher?

Ms. Mungai: Well, it is not easy. When I lived in Boston, I had to drop Selah off at school and then take a subway into work. I felt so far away from her, but now we both drive in together because she is an elementary student here at Rectory. So, we get to see each other often.

The DiRectory: What grade do you like to teach?

Ms. Mungai: I like to teach middle school, but many people ask me, “How could you teach middle school?” I say, “How could you not?”

The DiRectory: Thank you, Mrs. Mungai!

Ms. Mungai: You’re welcome, Connor.

We are very lucky to have Ms. Mungai at our school, as we know how much knowledge and caring she brings to all of our students. Welcome to Rectory, Ms. Mungai!