Mr. Klett, the New Computer Science Teacher at Rectory

He is a little bit “cold” (code). He! He!

Mr. Klett, Rectorys first Computer Science teacher

Mr. Klett, Rectory’s first Computer Science teacher

Mr. Klett is one of the new faculty members at Rectory this year (2018-19). He is the teacher for Computer Science for students in grades 6 – 9. He is also the first teacher at Rectory to teach Computer Science. He is funny, knowledgable, and we love him. Let’s get to know more about him!

Mr. Klett was born on January 24th, 1992, and he has one younger brother and a younger sister. Even though he is a Computer Science teacher at Rectory, he also teaches English, and he loves reading books. An interesting health fact about Mr. Klett is that his left lung collapsed twice when he was 17, and after a lot of surgeries, he is now missing the top 10% of his left lung. Wow!  We hope Mr. Klett takes care of himself, so he will be healthy and able to teach at Rectory for many years to come.

When we asked Mr. Klett why he became a teacher, he said, “Teaching for me is the act of creation. I love teaching because no matter what happens to you in life, no one can ever take away the things you’ve learned; you can never lose them. When I take something I’ve learned, and share it with all of you, I’m not losing that knowledge but sharing it with you. That is my favorite thing. I think I love Computer Science because Rectory has never had a Computer Science teacher before, and I really enjoy teaching that because you can do a lot of amazing creations with code. Also, I love seeing students do amazing things with code.”

Mr. Klett listed a lot of benefits for students who learn how to program. For example, “programming can teach a student critical thinking, abstract thinking, and how to organize his thoughts so that they make the most sense. Our world is filled with computers; the more we know about computers, the more we can do anything.” Learning about programming opens up different jobs, different understandings, and gives more options for students.   

Mr. Klett also has an interesting history with the computer. He learned how to code in a school in New York called the “Code and Designing Academy.” He graduated with a perfect score. Then he was hired by different companies to do professional coding. At first, he only knew a small fraction of how to code, but working with different companies gave him the bigger picture of programming. For example, he learned that a piece of code doesn’t only work one way, but it also works a different way when it works with other codes.  

When we asked about his impression of Rectory, Mr. Klett said, “Rectory is awesome. My favorite thing about Rectory is whenever I have a new idea, Rectory does not say, ‘I don’t think this is going to work; do you have any proof that it is going to work?’ Instead, the first question Rectory asks is, ‘Why not? Let’s try it!’ I also love the students; I love what the students have taught me.” He was really happy to be a part of the Rectory family. And, as we’ve said already, we love Mr. Klett, too! Welcome to Rectory, Mr. Klett!!