Rectory’s New Swim Coach

Ms. Siobhan O'Neil, Rectory's new swim coach

Ms. Siobhan O’Neil, Rectory’s new swim coach

The weather in Connecticut has been getting colder and colder, and Rectory’s winter sports are well underway. This year (the 2018-19 school year), Rectory School has a new swim coach, Ms. Siobhan O’Neil, who is an experienced swimmer. Now she is also an eighth-grade English teacher and a dorm parent in Upper Memorial Dorm.

Ms. O’Neil has been swimming for 12 years. She first started swimming on a YMCA team when she was in the seventh grade in her home town of Burlington, Connecticut. Back then, she was swimming in the slowest lane on the team. In case you don’t know, most swim teams are divided into several lanes, depending on the speed of the individual swimmers on the team.

When Ms. O’Neil was in high school, she swam for the YMCA team during the fall terms as a pre-season preparation, and then she swam for her high school team during the winter terms. She also swam when she was studying abroad in London. Clearly, Ms. O’Neil has extensive swimming experience. These past twelve years of swimming have been an important part of her life, and now she is happy to bring her wealth of knowledge to the students at Rectory School.

As a new teacher and coach, Ms. O’Neil feels that Rectory is a very supportive community. For example, during relay races the students on the swim team all cheer for each other. Also, the Rectory staff members in each academic department have given Ms. O’Neil a lot of support this year.

This year’s swim team has about twenty members. To make the team, swimmers tried out and had to be able to swim fifty yards without stopping. As a result of Ms. O’Neil’s long swimming career, she believes that setting a personal goal is important for each swimmer. Now she is willing and able to help students at Rectory achieve their swimming goals. We are very lucky to have Ms. O’Neil as a new teacher and swim coach at our school, and we welcome her and wish her all the best!