Rectory’s 2017 Spring Play: Seussical, Jr.

Rectory's 2017 Spring Play: Seussical, Jr.

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Every year, Rectory School puts on a musical for the community to enjoy. In the previous years, Rectory has produced: Willy Wonka, Jr.; Into the Woods, Jr.; and Beauty and the Beast, Jr. This year’s play will be something that will have the audience very engaged and immersed in what is happening. The musical for 2017 is Seussical, Jr.

Seussical, Jr. is a combination of ALL of Dr. Seuss’s works. This play ranges from titles like “The Cat in the Hat,” and “Horton Hears A Who?” It will be sure to shock the audience, and there will be unexpected parts and roles. Seussical has been performed on Broadway, and we are doing the Broadway Junior version, which is a little more condensed, but still full of action.

There is a lot of preparation that has been going on. According to Mrs. Bessette, Rectory’s Music Director, “The students are working very hard as we put the play together in these final few weeks. They are enjoying the energetic music and both the comical and heartwarming moments of this play. Watching the colorful sets and costumes come together has been a lot of fun!” The auditions for this play started in January, and the cast of 53 members meets three times a week for rehearsal, which includes reviewing the songs, blocking, and line review. For people who have never been to or seen a musical, the term “blocking” means to choreograph. In our case, we are choreographing all the songs, so there is lots of activity.

As a member of the play, I can say that it is a fun process and experience for everyone to try. If you are interested in being in a musical, whether you sing or not, you should try out for next year’s play because it will help you gain confidence, and, overall, you will learn so much about what it takes for any company, including Broadway, to put on a show!

If you want to learn about what Seussical Jr. is about, you can head up to the Rectory library, where every Dr. Seuss book is displayed. Read a few of them, and you will be prepared to attend and enjoy the play. Rectory’s Seussical Jr. will be performed at the end of May, and we hope to see you there!