Coach Gray


Lacrosse team huddle with Coach Gray and Coach Smith. “Let’s get the boys going!”

Recently we talked with Coach Gray. We learned a lot about him and his passion for lacrosse. Here are a few pieces of information we discovered from interviewing Coach Gray. Coach Gray wants to be a coach like Bill Belichick, the Coach for the New England Patriots, and James Franklin, the football coach at Penn State. He said he likes their approach in how they coach. Coach Gray said his coaching style would be to build character first, as young adults, and then teach his players the game of lacrosse. We asked Coach Gray who his inspiration/role model was as a kid, and he said his dad because his dad taught him how to play lacrosse.

Mr. Gray was also a student at Rectory in the class of 2009. He talked about how Rectory affected him; he said he started in 5th grade and Rectory helped build the foundations of his life. If he hadn’t come to Rectory, he wouldn’t be the same person he is today. We asked Mr.Gray if Rectory sports helped him in his sports career, and he said that Rectory sports helped him become competitive and become more of a man.

We are so happy to have Mr. Gray as a coach at the Rectory School. He has done a great job to help students at Rectory excel in their respective sports. His players like having him as a coach, and here is one example why. Coach Gray starts every practice with the following quote, “I know I’m tough on you guys, but it all starts and ends with I love you!” So we would like to thank Mr. Gray for being so supportive of and inspirational to the athletes at Rectory! Go Coach Gray!!!