Community Thanksgiving Dinner: A New Rectory Tradition


On November 20, 2016, The Rectory School boarding community gathered together in the Rectory Dining Hall for its second annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Thanksgiving is a very special time of the year for many of us. That is why Mr. Zerpa and Mr. Long thought this would be the perfect venue for the students and the Pomfret community to come together in a meaningful way. It was important to offer the students the opportunity to share a formal, family-style, sit-down meal with members of the local community.

For the community members who attended as guests, it was an eye-opening opportunity for them to see Rectory in a new light. Everything we do at Rectory revolves around the students and teachable moments. Mr. Long and Mr. Zerpa brainstormed this idea for quite some time. They felt it was important to include former faculty members who live nearby, in addition to other important members of our community. For the second year now, retired teachers, tutors, and their spouses have come back to campus, with smiles on their faces and gratitude in their hearts, to share in this special time with current teachers and students at Rectory, their second home for so many years.

Everyone truly enjoyed sharing this meal together, as you can see from the attached photos. (All photos are courtesy of Mrs. Seaward of Rectory.) The students behaved very well and showcased the great sense of family that permeates throughout our school. This event was a great success, and Rectory received much warm praise from all those who attended.

This community Thanksgiving dinner is a new tradition at Rectory that is here to stay! Thank you Mr. Zerpa and Mr. Long for organizing this wonderful event for the members of the Rectory and Pomfret communities! We are thankful to both of you for all that you do for us!