Rectory’s New Swim Team is Making a Real Splash!


(Photo by Coach Bradley)

Rectory's first ever Swim Team at Eagle Hill School for their first swim meet.

This year The Rectory School introduced a new winter sport, swimming. Swimming is one of the most popular sports in high schools and throughout the world. Rectory has had a few new sports over the past three years, including squash and volleyball. Now we also have a swim team. Come on, dive into the pool of information and find out more about our new Swim Team!

The head coach of Rectory’s 2016-2017 Swim Team is Ms. Farrell, a new math teacher at Rectory. Ms. Farrell swam on her high school team at Loomis Chaffee and went on to swim at Providence College. The assistant coach is Ms. Bradley, who is also a math teacher. The swim team practices at the brand new Hale YMCA in Putnam, where they use three lanes of the pool.

The daily practices consist of warm-ups that are usually 20 laps with different strokes and drills; then the team focuses on particular strokes for upcoming meets or strokes that need improvement. The swim team also practices diving off the starting blocks and swimming relays. Everything we do in practice is to improve our performance for meets and to become better swimmers in general. The team has made so much progress in just a few short weeks.

The members of the Rectory School 2016-2017 Swim Team are (alphabetically): Stephen C.; Sunny C.; Roy C.; Jonathan C.; Alexander G.; Angela H.; Emma H.; Andrew J.; Hanrae K.; Taeyoung K.; Zach K.; Megan M.; Paul S.; Wyatt W.; AJ W.; Emily W.; Misaki Y.; Charlie Z.; and Jack Z.

The Swim Team has already had a few meets against Marianapolis Prep, Eagle Hill School, Deerfied Academy, and Worcester Academy. In the future, they will be swimming against Williston Northampton School. Everyone on the team is enthusiastic about this new sport and they’ve all been putting a lot of effort into every practice and every lap, even if it is a little challenging. With 19 members for the first year of this sport, swimming could quickly become one of Rectory’s most popular sports.

The Rectory School 2016-2017 Swim Team is definitely making a splash in history, especially since this is one of the only swim teams at the junior boarding school level. The whole team looks forward to the development and improved results of the team. If you are a day student, the entire Swim Team would love for all of you to come out and cheer for your Water Wolves! Please vote in the Poll on the homepage: “Should Rectory have another swim meet against Marianapolis, so boarders can watch?”