Top 5 Decorated Christmas Trees in the World

Photographer Marco Mastracco (www.places to see in your

Hello! My name is Takeo, and I’m going to showcase 5 Christmas trees from around the world that I think are the best decorated. This Top 5 list is strictly my opinion, and I invite you to send your comments below, if you have other suggestions for the best decorated Christmas trees. Enjoy the photos!

Number Five: Madrid, Spain

Photographer Jorge Sanz Martin (www.places to see in your


This beautiful golden tree is on my Top 5 Christmas tree list because of the way it was made. This tree is hollow inside, and people can go inside it. The tree is 38 meters tall. The city of Madrid has a tradition of displaying an eco-friendly tree. This year the golden Christmas tree was placed in the royal city, surrounded with historic architecture, which also shimmers when all those colorful lights are lit.




Number Four: Paris, France

Photographer Jerry Huynh Tot (www.places to see in your


This grandiose tree is in the famous shopping center Galeries Lafayette. Paris’ Christmas tree is on my Top 5 list because it is designed differently every year. In 2014, the tree was hanging from the ceiling of the shopping center; notice how beautiful the ceiling is. If you are in Paris and on a date, I think you should go shopping here. How romantic!





Number Three: London, England

Photographer Unknown (www.places to see in your


This gorgeous red tree is in Piazza Square. The Albert Museum of London recommended that the Christmas tree be red; it is supposed to look like Rudolph’s nose. This tree is on my Top 5 list because of its unique color. If you look carefully there are some branches popping out of the tree, which are supposed to look like the horns of a reindeer.





Number Two: New York City

Photographer Anthony Quintano (www.places to see in your


This legendary tree in Rockefeller Center is one of the most famous trees in the world. There are 3,000 lights on this tree every year. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, there are daily performances of Christmas caroling and dancing around the tree. There is also an ice skating rink in front of the tree, so if you want to skate there and see this beautiful tree decorated for Christmas, you should go to Rockefeller Center after Thanksgiving break.



Number One: Rome, Italy

Photographer Marco Mastracco (www.places to see in your


This awesome tree is located in the city of Rome. You can go see this wonderful Christmas tree and also see the amazing old architecture in Rome. The best part is that laser light beams actually shoot out of the top of this tree. (Don’t worry; the lasers will not harm you.)






Thank you for reading my first Top 5 article for the newspaper! As I mentioned above, these wonderful trees are my Top 5 suggestions for the best decorated Christmas trees around the world. If you think another tree is more worthy of being on this list, please let me know by writing in the comments section below. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you all!