Mrs. Hayes: A New Teacher in Rectory’s Math Department

Mrs. Hayes is a new math teacher at Rectory for the 2016/2017 school year.

(photo by Mrs. Seaward of Rectory)

Mrs. Hayes is a new math teacher at Rectory for the 2016/2017 school year.

Mrs. Hayes is one of the new faculty members at Rectory School for the 2016/17 school year. She teaches eighth-grade and ninth-grade geometry and ninth-grade pre-calculus. She was a college math tutor at Quinebaug Valley Community College before she came to Rectory; she learned about Rectory through the ARC teacher certification program (Alternate Route to Certification).

“Rectory is wonderful; the students are nice and bright, and the faculty is welcoming,” Mrs. Hayes remarked.

Mrs. Hayes spent her childhood in Rhode Island in the town of Coventry. She took tennis and dance lessons, jazz and ballet, when she was a young child. Currently, Mrs. Hayes is not coaching a sport, but she might coach in the future.

Today Mrs. Hayes lives in Killingly, only 15 minutes from Rectory School, with her husband Chris and three children. Her son Max is 15 years old and daughters Lily and Henrietta are 11 and 7, respectively.

I am one of Mrs. Hayes’s students in her eighth-grade geometry class. She is a nice teacher, and she has high expectations for her students. Her course is rigorous and students must pay close attention in class, so they won’t miss any important information.

I interviewed three of my classmates to find out what they think about Mrs. Hayes’s class. Each of them is taking eighth-grade geometry, and they all like the class. Paula J. said, “She’s a very nice teacher. I like how Mrs. Hayes gives us notes, so we can keep our information.” Paula is referring to the note-taking strategy that Mrs. Hayes uses in her classes; she passes out hand-written notes with the most important information for each lesson. The notes have blank spaces that her students must fill in. This strategy is effective for a few reasons: 1.) Students must pay close attention in class to get the information needed to complete the notes; 2.) It ensures that students do not miss any important information; and 3) Students are not frantically trying to write down every word that Mrs. Hayes is saying.

Tess B. said, “ I like the fact that the class is slightly challenging, but overall, the intent is to learn as much as possible, so that makes the class fun.”

And Emily W. said, “I think her way of teaching helps us to get better, and she is a nice teacher.” Some of Mrs. Hayes’s students think the class is a little challenging, such as Emily W. “Yes, it’s challenging because I never took geometry before, and also this is the first time I have had Mrs. Hayes for a teacher. I wasn’t used to her way of teaching, so I was kind of confused at the beginning of the school year. Everything gets better after a while.”

And Tess B. added, “I think the class is slightly challenging in the way that it is a new form of math that I have barely touched before.”

Some students do not feel as challenged, such as Paula J., who said, “The class is not really challenging; I could understand all the proofs and the diagrams easily.” 

Mrs. Hayes is a nice teacher, and her way of teaching is helpful for her students. We all welcome her to Rectory School!