Rectory’s “Mid-Week Pawse”


(Photo by Mrs. Seaward of Rectory)

Mr. Zerpa and Mrs. Grudzinski presented each student who had participated in the Mid-Week Pawse events with a certificate of appreciation at the morning assembly on Tuesday, Nov., 22nd.

A new student program was introduced at Rectory School this fall by the members of The Spiritual Life Committee. “Mid-Week Pawse,” as Mrs. Grudzinski coined the program, is a group of students and teachers that meets every Thursday to engage in various activities together. Mrs. Grudzinski and Mr. Zerpa have spearheaded this new program, and it is run by them and Mr. Seiscio. The DiRectory reached out to two of these three leaders, Mr. Zerpa and Mr Seiscio, and conducted an interview to find out more about this new program.

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DiRectory: What is Mid-Week Pawse?

Mr. Zerpa: It’s a time to take a break from our daily/weekly routines and experience something different.

Mr. Seiscio: For me the idea of quieting down and stopping our typically busy, daily routines and trying to reflect with highest quality on the most important issues – even ULTIMATELY important, makes great sense. This routine, this ‘pause,’ is informed by similar rationale as that of declaring a well written sentence is one that is punctuated effectively, aiding the intended message to be heard. The ‘cherry on the top’ for me is that we have fun in our reflecting!

DiRectory: How did you get the idea for Mid-Week Pawse?

Mr. Zerpa: Seeing how we all live such busy lives, it’s important to “pause” and do things more spiritual in nature.

Mr. Seiscio: I never had the idea in its current form, although I have facilitated a mid-week reflection/meditation/prayer experience throughout my time in seminary. Suffice to say here, I give GREAT credit to Mrs. Grudzinski and Mr. Zerpa for putting so much creativity, energy and compassion into the Inspiration that they have received and made manifest in their “Mid-Week Pawse” experience!

DiRectory: What kinds of activities do you do?

Mr. Zerpa: We have learned about one another’s experiences and cultural traditions. For example, when Mrs. Shattuck and Mrs. Kellaway, who are also members of The Spiritual Life Committee, organized an afternoon tea one week, one of our Japanese students explained the Japanese tea ceremony to us, and a Chinese student told us about how tea is served in China. This opened our eyes to different perspectives of life. We have also enjoyed S’mores. Many of our international students had never experienced eating a S’more by a fire-pit. We sing, share ideas, go on hikes. Very cool stuff!

Mr. Seiscio: Campfires, ‘trust-walks’/hikes, and a variety of super fun games, not to mention learning about each other’s cultures are just some of the fun and meaningful activities that Mrs. Grudzinski and Mr. Zerpa have carried out so well!

DiRectory: Was the turnout for this program more than you expected?

Mr. Zerpa: We had no expectations. We have just enjoyed the moment with as many individuals who have wanted to participate. We are about the here and now.

Mr. Seiscio: I was pleasantly surprised! As is often said in English, “The more, the merrier!”

DiRectory: Do you plan on doing this every week for the rest of the 2016-2017 school year?

Mr. Zerpa: Most every week. We will eventually take a few pauses from the “Pawse,” but the idea is to keep it rolling and enjoy the experience each new meeting brings.

Mr. Seiscio: Absolutely!

This new program is about taking a “pawse” from the week to reflect on what has happened in the past week and to do some team-building activities. This program is offered almost every week, as Mr. Zerpa stated, and involves a variety of activities. If you are someone who enjoys different activities and trying new things, the Mid-Week Pawse program would be great for you. The signup for Mid-Week Pawse is included on the boarders’ weekend activity list. The day students can talk to Mrs. Grudzinski, Mr. Zerpa, or Mr. Seiscio about joining. Remember to work hard and do well, but take a “Pawse” in your week!