Natalie’s “New Teacher” Minute-to-Finish Interviews: Ms. Farrell & Ms. Murphy


Ms. Farrell and Ms. Murphy are both first-year teachers at Rectory this year.

Video created by Natalie P. & Alexander G.

Whenever we have new teachers at Rectory School The DiRectory likes to interview them to get to know them better: where did they go to school?; where did they grow up, and where do they live now?; how many siblings do they have?; what sports did they play in high school and college?; what are their interests?; and when did they become interested in teaching?, etc. These are important facts for us to learn about our new faculty members.

This year (2016/2017) we have several new faculty members, and we wanted to interview them in a completely different manner – – something more fun! So, we took the “Minute-to-Win-It” concept and used it for our interview format. We wrote each of our interview questions on a strip of paper and placed them all in a container, which we brought to each of our interviews. We explained to those we were interviewing that they would have one minute to select the question strips, one at a time, and answer as many of our questions as they could in one minute. Ms. Farrell, who teaches mathematics, and Ms. Murphy, who teaches English and language skills, were both very good sports, considering they were the first teachers to be interviewed with this new format. Watch our video to see how many interview questions they were able to answer in one minute. And please let us know how you like this new interview format. Thank you!