Rectory Students Enter Connecticut Film Festival

(With help from Mrs. Shattuck)

Rectory Students Enter Connecticut Film Festival

Video created by Rectory 9th-graders, Yitong W. & Alexander G.

This year, the state of Connecticut presented its students with the opportunity to display their creativity in the form of a film. The theme for 2016’s Connecticut Film Contest was “kindness.” The Rectory School jumped on this opportunity and allowed students in Mr. Finnegan’s 9th-grade Media Communications class to take part in this film contest.

Yitong W. and I were partnered to create a video display about “kindness.” We thought long and hard about what we were going to produce. It took about one week for us to write the script, edit the script to properly fit in all the roles, choose our actors, and then shoot and edit our film. We knew we would have to work hard and stay focused to get all of this done by the deadline, but we did it!

We chose Rectory actors/actresses to portray the roles. We had a few conflicts during the shooting process, but we worked them out and finished the project. The actors/actresses are listed below in order of appearance in the film:

Sarah: Natalie P. (Grade 9)

Roger: Myles B. (Grade 9)

Teacher: Ms. Rodman

James: Cristian F. (Grade 9)

Student: Ben G. (Grade 7)

Hailey: Angela H. (Grade 9)

This experience really opened our eyes to just how long it takes to create good quality content in a film production. It took us over a week to complete a one-minute, 40-second video. (We can only imagine how long it takes to produce a two-hour movie!) We knew the film had to be laid out properly for our message to be clear; we think we succeeded in this. You can see for yourself by watching our film in the attached video. Thank you for watching, and we hope you enjoy our short film!

Other students in our Media Communications class also created short films about kindness. We all entered our films in the
“Envision Kindness” state contest. Mr. Ames, Middle School Director, sent a message to all Rectory students to support our students’ films by viewing them from the link below. So, please click on this link and watch the other Rectory students’ films about kindness. I’m sure you’ll find them entertaining and insightful.

Message from Mr. Ames: Help Media Communications by viewing their submissions (see link below) to the Envision Kindness Student Film Contest! (Click on Mr. Ryan Finnegan’s icon in the high school division.)

Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if everyone was kind to each other? Let’s try this out for the new year, 2017. Be kind to everyone you meet, and see how much better you, and those around you, will feel. Kindness is contagious — and we should make it our life’s mission to spread it around every day!!