Team 5 Elements: A Creative Super Heroes’ Story


This Team 5 Elements' Symbol is original artwork from 7th Grader Takeo K.

Editor’s Note: The following is a creative science fiction story written purely for entertainment. The publication of this story does not suggest that Rectory School condones violence or the use of guns and other weapons. Please keep this in mind while you enjoy reading this creative student work.


Abraham – The Golden Fighter, the captain of Team 5 Elements (Symbol: Cheetah for speed and power)

Adin – The Green Fighter, a member of Team 5 Elements (Symbol: Tortoise for long life)

AJ – The Blue Fighter: His real name is Andrew Jackson, and he’s a member of Team 5 Elements. (Symbol: Whale for water)

Alan – The Red Fighter, a member of Team 5 Elements (Symbol: Phoenix for fire)

Anna – The Brown Fighter, the only female member of Team 5 Elements (Symbol: Earthworm for the earth)

Mr. X – His real name is Mr. Xander: He’s the person who created Team 5 Elements and who was the team’s director.

Vars – The ruler of Mars, who planned to attack Earth

Mars soldiers – A large group of soldiers on Mars, who served Vars and fought wars for him


Earth – Where the members of Team 5 Elements live

Mars – Where Team 5 Elements’ enemies, Vars and his soldiers, live

The Underground Lab – A place where the fighters of Team 5 Elements hold their secret meetings. It’s next to Mr. X’s home. Mr. X sets up the plans and stores ammunition there to fight invaders. This lab was also the place where the fighters of Team 5 Elements were created.

Vars Palace – The headquarters of Mars, where Vars lives


As the story opens, Mr. X is standing in the middle of the street, and he starts to speak, in a very loud voice, about planet Earth. “In the near future this world will be broken, screaming for salvation from fire, blood and treachery. Immortal, invisible, the deathless will come, caressing the throats of weak humanity.”

Then Mr. X hears the sound of car horns, which have been sounding for a long time, and the rumblings of discontented people. Suddenly the police arrive and take Mr. X to the police station. The Chief of Police sits on his chair and looks at the young man; he opens and closes his mouth several times, without speaking.

After a long pause, the Chief finally sighs and stands up, saying: “Mr. Xander, this is the 17th time you’ve come to my station! If you don’t stop interfering with the order of our city and our citizens’ normal lives, I will, seriously, put you in a psychiatric hospital.”

A few minutes later, when Mr. X walks out into the street, he hears something that he has never heard before – a sound not from this Earth.  Cautiously, he hides in a nearby trashcan and listens carefully to what is being said. Then, after making sure the strangers were gone, he gets out of the trashcan, murmuring to himself, “Who were they? They were talking about attacking Earth…. I should prepare for this, so I can save the Earth. First, I should find out which planet they are from; then I can create weapons directed specifically against them.”

Years later, Mr. X had found five suitable people to become, with his help, powerful fighters who could save the Earth. These five people, Abraham (the Golden fighter), Adin (the Green fighter), AJ (the Blue fighter), Alan (the Red fighter) and Anna (the Brown fighter), cooperated with Mr. X (Xander) and composed the members of Team 5 Elements. They produced powerful fighting weapons in the underground lab, such as a special watch and a special belt, that can change a normal human into a powerful fighter.

One day, the loud sound of the emergency electric bell awakened the people who were resting in the underground lab. Mr. X opened up the electric map and saw that some military bases and police offices had been destroyed, and many soldiers and policemen had died. Now, the alien attackers were heading to the house where the president lived. So the 5 fearless fighters quickly chased after them.

One reason these aliens were so powerful is that they had more advanced weapons. In addition, when they were killed, their souls would return to the aliens’ main ship, where their bodies would be recreated, and they would be reborn. People who were afraid of the aliens feared that “the Immortal is coming to judge the humans’ crimes.” But the weapon Mr. X made could kill the aliens by destroying their souls.

When Team 5 Elements went out on the road to help the people, they wanted to evacuate the aliens’ main ship, so they flew to a safe place above it and waited. Suddenly, the aliens, with their golden armor and swords, came charging out, while the bottom of the main ship transformed into a mini black hole and devoured some innocent people on Earth. The aliens with swords whispered: “Sacrifices!” Team 5 Elements had no other choice than to escape.

The armored aliens arrived where the U.S. president lived and killed the majority of the president’s guards. The president was walking around and suddenly saw the aliens shooting at him. He was so frightened that he shouted and ran around the White House, trying to find a place to hide from the aliens. While the president could not escape and was almost killed, the 5 fighters with their colors of gold, green, blue, red and brown arrived and used their guns to destroy some of the alien soldiers and shouted, “You don’t rule us!”

“What? You want to stop us? That’s impossible! Soldiers, go shoot at these 5 people and tear them into pieces!” the general of the alien soldiers yelled.

So the alien soldiers shot at the 5 fighters, but the 5 fighters were fast enough and had good, powerful guns for shooting these alien soldiers down.

The alien general shouted angrily, “That’s not the end!” and shot at the 5 fighters. But don’t worry; these 5 fighters are good shooters, and they have good weapons, so the alien soldiers were killed. The alien general, growing more and more angry, took out his gun and shot at the 5 fighters.

“His shots seemed stronger,” said the gold fighter.

The green fighter said, “While we are avoiding that horrible alien general’s attack on us, let’s figure out the best time to attack him.”

“Good idea!” said the red fighter.

Many hours later, the 5 fighters were able to kill the alien general. When the general died, his corpse disappeared and a loud sound rang out in the sky, emanating from where the aliens’ main ship was located. Suddenly, a powerful missile shot from a huge laser exploded where the general had been killed. But the Team 5 Elements’ fighters were already gone.

“Oh, terrible! Those 5 fighters killed my general and many of my soldiers. That’s unacceptable!” screamed Vars, the leader of the alien troops and the one who had planned this attack on Earth. Vars and his alien soldiers all lived on Mars, and their great ambition was to rule the whole universe. They looked like normal people, but with a different skin color, a metallic green that shimmered in the sunlight.

So Vars got stronger generals and soldiers to attack the Earth. The people on Earth were so afraid of these deadly aliens that they asked the government for protection, but the government was incapable of driving away these aliens. Most of the human armies on Earth had been defeated by the aliens. When people noticed that their government did not have the power to protect their safety, they tried to escape by running away from wherever the aliens had attacked. All the airports, train stations, and bus stations on Earth were full of screaming, frenzied people. The government couldn’t do anything, except to blockade all the public transportation systems.

The alarm bell of Mr. X’s science lab had been continuously making that loud, annoying sound. The alien soldiers were still attacking the military bases, police departments, and the White House. The Team 5 Elements’ fighters had been battling against these alien soldiers for a long time. The aliens got increasingly stronger, but the 5 fighters did not give up and marched forward with great courage, fighting against their enemies. As one alien stepped into the breach, another one fell. The Team 5 Elements’ fighters were surprised to see the huge wave of the aliens’ death attack. Some of the aliens were very fast, and some of them were excellent shooters. Gradually and amazingly, the 5 fighters grew stronger, too, and destroyed all the alien soldiers except Vars himself. The aliens thought they were sacrificing themselves to justify their cause, but that was not the truth; the 5 fighters had defeated them all! Or had they?

When the majority of alien soldiers were dead, however, a screeching voice rang out from the planet Vars, “Humans. Please give up this unnecessary resistance. Maybe you think what you are doing now is justified, but to me, you are just like ants. My powerful reborn army will arrive soon, and all you humans will be stomped out.”

After Vars said this, the reborn alien soldiers emerged and attacked more fiercely. The 5 heroic fighters did not give up, but they were greatly outnumbered by the alien soldiers. They decided that in order to succeed in destroying all the aliens once and for all, they would have to use their “range damage weapon.” This powerful weapon, with its vast shooting range, saved the lives of the Team 5 Elements’ members; it wiped out all the reborn alien soldiers in a flash! But, whenever the 5 fighters used this weapon, their powers were weakened for a short time, which is why they only used the range damage weapon as a last resort.

“Humans, you are all just sand!” the screeching voice from Vars continued. “Humans, I have come to pass judgment on you. Humans, you shine life only on the present; but we are capable of being reborn! You have failed, humans…. Traitors, I swear that you will disappear with the wind; you are only my shadow!”

When Vars saw that all of his generals and soldiers had been killed, he planned to attack Earth himself. While the 5 fighters were resting, the gold fighter heard his magic phone ringing. On the phone’s screen, he could see the leader of Mars in a place that looked like a military base, near the White House.

“Quick, the leader of Mars is attacking now, on a military base near the White House. Let’s go!” he commanded. Then they rushed out for their next battle.

The Praetorian Guard of Vars was made up of his most powerful fighters, and they had a great wealth of army combat experience on Mars. They were the most deadly army to humans and the 5 fighters. Usually, they were by Vars’ side, but now they were fighting against the humans without him to save the dignity of Mars. After the Praetorian Guard finished their mission, they would use warships to travel back to Mars to get more soldiers to attack Earth and to bring Vars back to Mars.

At that time, all around the White House, Vars was causing multiple explosions. While people were frantically running everywhere, Vars said, “Give up! I will rule this Earth anyway.”

“No, you’ll fail!” the 5 fighters, with their strength replenished, said firmly and confidently, as they suddenly appeared to fight Vars.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” sneered Vars. “You will all die!” Then Vars started shooting at the 5 fighters, and it took the 5 fighters a long time to battle against him. Vars was so powerful that the 5 fighters had an extremely difficult time holding on, but they were still alive and kept fighting Vars. Vars kept fighting, as well.

After a long time, Vars wanted to end the fight once and for all. So, he put a bomb in the White House, to distract the 5 fighters, and to give himself time to rest. The 5 fighters evacuated all the people, including the president, from the White House. Then, the 5 fighters used their special weapons that Mr. X had made for them to deactivate the bomb. The White House and the president were saved – at least for now!!

Ding, ding! The gold fighter picked up his ringing phone. It was Mr. X.

“I’m being held hostage in Vars’ UFO. It’s okay for me to talk now because I’m in a sound-proof chamber. Vars is directing the pilot of the UFO to go to the military base! Vars plans to kill the president and any other people who won’t obey his orders. And soon, he will try to kill me, too!”

The Team 5 Elements’ fighters got all their super fighting jets together and headed to the military base to battle Var’s UFO. Vars saw the 5 fighters and started to attack their planes. The 5 fighters started shooting at Vars’ UFO, not wanting to sacrifice Mr. X, but knowing they didn’t have a choice and they had to act quickly! Vars fought once again with the 5 fighters for a very long time.

Then, at exactly the same time, both Vars and the 5 fighters shot at each other, using extremely powerful weapons. Were they too close to each other?

Vars, Mr. X, and the 5 fighters all died instantly, but the Earth was saved! The war with Mr. X and the Team 5 Elements’ fighters battling against Vars became a famous hero story on Earth. To this day, all the young school children learn about these brave, powerful soldiers who saved their planet from the evil of Vars.