Day Student Proctors?


The new Day Student Proctors with Mr. Ames, Director of the Middle School.

Who are the Day Student Proctors at Rectory and what do they do? Everyone on the Rectory Campus knows all of the Boarding Proctors for every dorm. We have had them for many years, and they are the most responsible in the dorms and for the boarding life. But did you know that there are 12 new proctors? No, they are not in dorms or even associated with boarders. They are for the day students. The 2016-2017 Day Student Proctors are (in alphabetical order): 

Yvie B.; David C.; Zac G.; Jeffrey G.; Alexander G.; Caroline L.; Stella P.; Natalie P.; Nathaniel R.; Tommy R. ; Ana S.; Blake Z.

These 12 Day Student Proctors have been selected to represent the Day Student population at The Rectory School. As a Day Student Proctor myself, I am aware of exactly what our responsibilities are. The first time that Rectory had Day Student Proctors was about six years ago, but the program did not last. This year the program has been more organized and rolled out in a more efficient manner. Two or three Day Student Proctors are assigned per day, and that is when they must complete their tasks. We are required to be mature and respectful to all our peers. We have many tasks that we must complete, similar to the boarding proctors. The three top tasks that Day Student Proctors perform are below:

Day Room: Every morning the day students get dropped off at the day room. The Day Student Proctors are given a checklist that includes everyone’s names and sports. Our job is to check off each student who comes in and to make sure that they are there each morning. We also manage the day room to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Assembly: Also, one of our responsibilities is to help out with checking the attendance of both boarding and day students. We make sure everyone is in his/her assigned seat, and we also hand out the music slips each morning to the students who have lessons that day.

Breaks and Meetings: Each morning the Day Student Proctors will get apples from the kitchen (for the students’ break snacks) and put them either outside or inside, depending on the weather. Each week all of us meet with Mr. Ames, the Director of the Middle School, to discuss various topics and issues, such as how we can demonstrate leadership and what we need to do to make improvements on the Rectory campus.

As a Day Student Proctor, I feel it is important for all students to be able to discuss any issues  or concerns they may have. I’d like to remind all Rectory students that if you have a problem, whether you are a boarder or a day student, please see one of the 12 proctors listed above. Remember that we meet weekly, so you can speak to us at any time and tell us how you are doing, or if you have any concerns. We would love to talk to you!

I think the idea to have Day Student Proctors is a welcome addition for Rectory students. It provides the opportunity for some students to have more responsibilities, which will help them later in life, and it gives the student body, particularly the day students, a means of resolving problems. If you are interested in becoming a Day Student Proctor when you reach 9th grade, you should definitely pursue it. I can personally say that it is a great experience and one that you will really enjoy!