The Wolfie Award


Mr. Zerpa and Mrs. Burke, both Spanish teachers at Rectory School, started a new tradition this year for the faculty; they introduced The Wolfie Award. As you may know, the “wolfie” is Rectory’s mascot, so all students and employees of Rectory School are Rectory Wolves. Mr. Zerpa described this award as, “a recognition of the faculty from one colleague to another. These colleagues may be overlooked, or simply may be ‘flying under the radar,’ for one reason or another, but they are very dedicated and very professional teachers, tutors, and coaches at Rectory. They typically go beyond the call of duty, without being singled out for recognition.” Thus, The Wolfie Award is a way for colleagues to show their fellow colleagues just how much they appreciate all the work they do for the students at Rectory, and the community as a whole, on a daily basis.

Starting this past school year, The Wolfie Award was presented during morning assemblies, so the students would be able to see their teachers being recognized in such a positive way. Mrs. Burke and Mr. Zerpa presented the first Wolfie Award to Mr. Brad Seaward, a longtime teacher, coach, dorm parent, and mentor to innumerable students, since his hiring back in 1975. Each winner of the award then chooses another faculty member whom they feel is deserving of the Wolfie. Then, within the next month or so, he/she presents the Wolfie to that faculty member, explaining the reasons why that particular faculty member was chosen to receive the award.

Please view the attached photo gallery to see all of the Wolfie Award recipients for the 2015/16 school year. As a recipient of the Wolfie this year, I can say that it is truly an honor to be chosen for this award. It makes you feel good inside to know that you are appreciated for all your hard work and receiving the award from a fellow colleague makes it that much sweeter. Thank you to Mr. Zerpa and Mrs. Burke for creating such an uplifting way for the faculty to show our appreciation for our colleagues! The Wolfie Award is yet another example of what a caring, family community we have here at Rectory!