Rectory’s Switch to Chromebooks

Rectory's Switch to Chromebooks

Video created by Jackson M.

Next school year (2016/17) Rectory School will be supplying all students in grades 7 through 9 with a Chromebook™. The DiRectory was curious as to why the school decided to switch students from using Mac®-based computers to Chromebooks, and here is what we found out.

Chromebooks are small laptops that are more easily controlled and regulated by one main office or user, which will prevent students from using sites and/or video games, etc., that are not related to schoolwork during the academic day. Chromebooks are made by Google™; they have no internal storage space, which means students will not be able to download games or other distractions onto their computers. They also use Google-based apps like Google Drive®, which allows more collaboration among teachers and students. Chromebooks also have a long battery life and are certified by multiple online testing groups. A central user like Rectory’s Technology Office can turn off all web browsing and render the USB ports on the Chromebooks to be inactive, so students taking an online test (via our school’s learning management system, Schoology®, for example) can only work on that test and not do anything unrelated to it, such as searching the Internet. This will prohibit students from cheating, which has not been a big problem at Rectory School, but this will certainly take away any temptation for doing so. In short, it seems that by switching to Chromebooks, our students will spend more time “on task” in the classroom, which means more time learning!

In the attached video, some of our own faculty and students comment on their thoughts about the transition to Chromebooks. Please watch our video to find out what they had to say.* Together with the information provided above, you can then decide for yourself if you think the switch to Chromebooks will be beneficial to our students. We see plenty of advantages to using the Chromebooks, and we know that our school’s administration is always looking out for the best interest of our students.

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