Update on Rectory’s 2015/2016 Squash Team


The Rectory School 2015/2016 Squash Team. (Photo by Lesley Gibbs)

Three years ago, Jeffrey G. wrote an article about the new Rectory Squash Team. As a member of the squash team for three years, I would like to update you on Rectory’s current squash team. The first major change to the squash team in three years occurred last fall, 2015. The first change was that we had a new assistant coach. The first two years, our assistant coach had been Mrs. Sheehan. She and Mr. Rees had coached Rectory’s first squash team in 2013. Our first team consisted of twelve members, but the interest has grown in the past few years. This year we have twenty members. The first year we had a few matches against Eaglebrook and Pomfret, but at that time we were still learning the basic rules of squash; since then we have greatly improved.

Now in our third year, we have a brand new assistant coach, Mrs. Gibbs. You may know that Mrs. Gibbs coached girls’ lacrosse in the past. This year she took the open spot of assistant coach of the squash team when Mrs. Sheehan left Rectory to return to Pomfret School. Mr. Rees and Mrs. Gibbs have made some changes to how we practice. We have new techniques of practicing specific moves, such as “ghosting.” Ghosting is when you start at the middle of the court and then run very quickly to the sides of the court to hit the ball.

Over the past three years, the members of our squash team have changed. We only have two members from the original team, Jeffrey G. and me, Alexander G. Since some of our eighth graders left and our ninth graders graduated, we really have a brand new team. From our 2014-2015 team, we have seven members who are still on the team. Here are the members of this year’s team, in alphabetical order: Renata A., Kathleen F., Jeffrey G., Alexander G., Eugene K., Eugene K. (Yes! We really do have two Eugene K’s.), Aleyna L., Aidan M., Hudson M., Mingyu O., Melissa O., Natalie P., Juan R., Bailey S., Ana S., Jin T., Mark W., Henry W., Yitong W., and Mahiro Y. Those are the twenty members of Rectory’s 2015-2016 Squash Team.

As of last December, we had twelve games scheduled, all against Pomfret, Suffield, Eagle Hill, and Eaglebrook. Our first games against Eagle Hill and Eaglebrook were losses, but our first game against Pomfret was a win! Now we have nine games left, and our team is excited for what this season has in store for us. If you are interested in the sport of squash, consider joining the team next year. See you on the squash court!