Top 24 Holiday Movies


Animoto video created by Nat S. and Alexander G.

Happy Holidays! In celebration of this upcoming holiday season, Nat S. and Alexander G. have chosen their favorite holiday movies. These movies range from the classics, like White Christmas, to “laugh out loud” movies, like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. All of these movies have been personally selected and voted on by The DiRectory staff.

Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, we have included movies like Frosty The Snowman and The Snowman (by Raymond Briggs), which are seasonal favorites. Also, there are movies for all age levels; if you are under five or over 105, there are movies listed here for you to watch. If you are a grownup, you’ll notice some of the classics that you grew up watching.

We have chosen twenty-four movies, so that you can watch one movie per night, starting on December 1st. Or, if you really want, you can “binge-watch” them all. Now that would be a movie marathon!

Be sure to watch Nat S. and Alexander G.’s Animoto video with our picks for the top 24 holiday movies. Happy viewing and Happy Holidays from the Newspaper Staff!