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This fall, 2015, Rectory teacher Alysia LaBonte-Campbell, and Rectory librarian, Mary Tiebout, have designed a new elective that incorporates reading, writing, and learning how to host a successful online blog. The elective is called “The Book Ends Here,” and the student members are writing book reviews and posting them to their blog for all to read. Recently, Mrs. LaBonte-Campbell shared a couple of the student’s reviews, and we hope to share more with you soon. Although, you will notice the link to “The Book Ends Here” blog at the end of this article, so you can simply click on that link and check out all the other book reviews that these Rectory bloggers have written! Cool!

Introducing Rectory’s First Library Blog!

by: Alysia LaBonte-Campbell (Rectory English teacher)

Looking for a great book to read for Project READ? Have some extra time at the end of study hall? Look no further!

Over the past few weeks, our student publishers (also known as the “Book Ends Staff”) have been posting their very own reviews of books they have read.

After logging onto “The Book Ends Here,” you’re sure to find a book you’ll enjoy!

Brian Piccolo: A Short Season by: Jeannie Morris. 154 pages. ISBN 1566250242. Biography. (Grades 9 and up)

Brian Piccolo was the star running back at Wake Forest University and had a bright future in the game of football. He didn’t get drafted in the 1965 NFL or AFL draft, but the Chicago Bears did sign him as a free agent. Piccolo was just about to become the fullback when he got very sick. While Piccolo fought and fought for his life, his friends and family backed him and made sure he didn’t have to endure it alone.

This book is mainly from the third person point of view. However, at times there are letters and quotes from Brian Piccolo himself and his friends and family.

I recommend it because it helps people to understand and appreciate what they have, while they have it. Rating: 4 Books!

  • David E., 9th Grade

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by: William Kamkwamba. 286 pages: ISBN 978-0-06-173033-7. Nonfiction. (Grades 8-12)

This first-person account is about a boy in Malawi fighting through famine, disease, education, and his relationship with his dog, Kamba. William’s family had to take him out of school due to financial reasons. William really enjoyed school, so this upset him. He wanted to keep up with his friends in school, so he started going to the library to read textbooks. In one of these books, he finds something amazing that inspired him to not only help his family, but to help the entire village.

I really liked reading this book. It made me realize how much I have in life. For example, all the opportunities I receive that people like William don’t. I think this book will help other Rectory students realize the same thing. I would recommend this book to people who want to be inspired by a young boy and his story. Rating: 5 Books!

  • Andrew Z., 9th Grade

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