Coach O’Neil, One Fabulous Person!

Ms. O’Neil — coach, dorm parent, teacher and Activities Director; all of this combined into one fabulous person! If you want to know a little about Ms. O’Neil and why she became a coach, then you’ve come to the right place. I chose to specifically write about Ms. O’Neil because she has been my coach for two seasons, and I’ve really become close to her this past year.

DiRectory: Why did you choose to become a coach?

Ms. O’Neil: I became a coach because it combines two of my favorite things, working with kids and athletics.

DiRectory: Do you coach any other sports?

Ms. O’Neil: I coach soccer, basketball and softball.

DiRectory: What is your favorite sport to coach?

Ms. O’Neil: My favorite sport to coach is basketball.

DiRectory: As a coach what do you look for in student athletes?

Ms. O’Neil: I look for student athletes who work hard, have a desire to improve, are good teammates and have positive attitudes. On the higher level teams, players need to possess an understanding of the game and talent, but attitude and effort are always paramount.

DiRectory: When you were younger, did you play any of the sports that you coach now

Ms. O’Neil: I played soccer for one year, but there was too much running. I played basketball and softball for many years.

DiRectory: Have any of your teams ever been undefeated?

Ms. O’Neil: Not so much.

DiRectory: Do you support the idea of kids having to do sports every season?

Ms. O’Neil: That’s a little complicated. I don’t think kids should have to play a competitive sport each season, but they definitely need to have a block of time each day, where they’re physically active. Incorporating more recreational activities that promote an active lifestyle like: hiking, dancing, walking, jogging, lifting, intramural sports, you need to have a way to fitness. When you are done playing team sports, you need to have a way to maintain physical fitness. If we can teach students good habits now, they can carry them throughout their lives.

DiRectory: What was the first sport you coached?

Ms. O’Neil: For three years, right out of high school, I coached basketball at the middle school I attended. I coached the JV Girl’s team for a year, and the JV Boy’s team for two years.

DiRectory: Have any Rectory graduates become successful in professional sports?

Ms. O’Neil: I suppose it depends on your definition of success! I f you are talking about someday making it to the professional level, I am not sure. But, I hear all the time about great things our alumni are doing athletically in their secondary schools or colleges!