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2015/2016 Editor’s Message

Mrs. Shattuck, Newspaper Advisor

October 4

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The 2015/16 school year is the third year that our student newspaper, The DiRectory, is fully online. Mrs. Kellaway, former English teacher and now full-time tutor at Rectory, is once again working with me as the newspaper’s co-advis...

Editor’s Message 2014-15

Mrs. Shattuck, The DiRectory Advisor

October 31

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This school year, 2014/15, is the second year that The DiRectory is online. Again this fall, I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Rodman is our fall term Co-Advisor. We both have high expectations for our publication and our staf...

Editors’ Message 2013-2014

Mrs. Shattuck and Mrs. Rodman

December 9

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We are excited to launch The Rectory School's first online student newspaper! We have been working with students on our newspaper staff since the beginning of the school year to write, edit, and now publish articles of interest...

The student news site of The Rectory School
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