The DiRectory


The DiRectory is the student newspaper of the middle-school students at Rectory School in Pomfret, CT. The DiRectory encourages and publishes diverse opinions, which are not to be construed as endorsements or school policy. This online student newspaper does not take the place of The Rectory School website, nor of the RECollections online publication, which is produced semi-monthly by our school’s Director of Communications.

This website is an educational tool for the students of Rectory School. It allows the students “real world” experience interviewing and reporting on a variety of topics related to global issues, student interests, and their lives on the Rectory School campus. Students who produce for this on-line newspaper must write stories and articles that are accurate for the Internet, and they must learn to meet deadlines. As such, these students gain confidence, knowledge, and the skills needed for the 21st Century and in the fast-paced world of media. These skills will help the students remain competitive through the application process for secondary schools and colleges, as well as in the workforce.

A select number of students work on this on-line newspaper.  It has photo galleries, video news packages, and articles all produced by our students. Students work hard to produce this work.  Please enjoy browsing through the site.


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The student news site of Rectory School.