Coaches’ Corner: Mr. Mike Healy

Coach Healy having a talk with his team

Coach Healy having a talk with his team

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Halfway into the athletic season, the Varsity hockey team has been working hard to be successful. At times, students and coaches look at each game and the entire season in different ways. As a student athlete, the coach’s point of view is important, because it allows students to get know their coach better and the coach’s expectations. It also gives athletes insight on how to improve and be their best. Mr. Healy, the Varsity hockey coach for 18 years, took time to give The DiRectory some thoughts about his team this year and what they have been doing to improve. If you are interested in watching the Varsity hockey team, you should check the game schedule on the Rectory website.

Mr. Healy’s thoughts:

“This year’s team is made up of roughly half returners and half new players. While we have had girls on our team more often than not, this year’s team has three new [girls] to our group. That is the most we have had. The strongest part of our team this year is our defense and goaltending. Most of that group is returners. Our new players have much to learn to play at the level of our competition. Every practice we work on skating skills, for without strong skating this is a very difficult game to play effectively. We also work on passing, shooting, position play, power play positioning and breakouts, penalty plays positioning, fore-checking, defensive zone coverage, checking, and much more. By the later part of the season our newer players should have a pretty good understanding of what we are doing. With so many wonderful personalities, Paul and I know we will have an enjoyable season. So far they have looked good.”