Introducing Sofie – The Newest Little Boarder on Memorial Dorm


Ms. Maley and Sofie

Late in November (2020), a small brown and white fluffy ball brought an air of delightfulness to the Rectory campus. After a 17-hour drive from Ohio, a puppy named Sofie came to live with Ms. Maley, Rectory’s school counselor. Ms. Maley plans to train Sofie as a therapy dog that helps students cope with anxiety and depression. The official training program begins on February 25th. Meanwhile, Sofie has been pre-socializing with the boarding students in Memorial dorm.

Over the December break, Sofie had an enjoyable time visiting Ms. Maley’s home on Long Island, New York, where she loved playing in Ms. Maley’s backyard. Together, they celebrated the holidays and the Buffalo Bills’ second playoff win. “Sofie was spoiled by her grandparents for Christmas and got lots of presents,” Ms. Maley reported.

Sofie was born on August 24th of 2020 and was only ten weeks old when she first arrived on campus. When the boarders in Memorial dorm welcomed Sofie back on January 10th, everyone was surprised to see that she now weighs in at 26 pounds! Sofie’s mother is a Newfoundland, and her father is a mini-poodle. While it may be hard to imagine that this little Virgo puppy will eventually grow to be 60 or 70 pounds, we know that she will fill a wonderful space here at Rectory. Sofie will be loved by all the young ladies in Memorial dorm, as well as everyone else she meets on the Rectory campus. In return, she will provide all of us with lots of joy and cuddling sessions — especially when we need them most!



One of Sofie’s favorite toys that she enjoys playing with and chewing.