New Acrostic Book Reviews

New Acrostic Book Reviews

To encourage students to read for pleasure, each term Rectory students must read a book of their own choice and write a book review about it. This fall, Rectory librarian, Mary Tiebout, introduced some new book review formats. The most popular of these was the Acrostic Book Review. Many students chose this new format and wrote an acrostic poem using the title of the book they had read. Their poems revealed important elements of the stories, such as the theme, major plot events, and traits of the main characters. Below are five students’ book reviews written in this new format.

Ninth-grader Giana B. wrote about the book Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell:

                                               E     Ever so different, two young
                                               L     Lovers.
                                               E     Everything they need they find in each other.
                                               A     Against all odds, they fell in love. It was all
                                               N     New and exciting. Who could stop these complete
                                               O     Opposites from
                                               R     Running away together?

                                               A     Although they
                                               N     Never imagined they could love each other,
                                               D     Destiny had other plans.

                                               P     Plans, however, change,
                                               A    And they will have to decide —
                                               R     Risk it all for love, or
                                               K     Knead their fates ever so gently, scared to
                                                          death to change too much.

Eighth-grader Addy L. wrote her acrostic poem about the book Here in the Real World by Sara Pennypacker:

Sixth-grader Zander B. wrote his acrostic book review about the book The Class Act by Jerry Craft:

Ashmah, Grade 7, wrote her book review about the book On the Come Up written by Angie Thomas:
                     On the come up was Bri’s first song
                     Not having enough money to pay for food or bills
                     The ring is where Bri would perform her freestyles
                     Hoodlum was used to describe Bri because they thought she sold drugs
                     Experiencing discrimination against Blacks and Latinas
                     Crowns and the garden disciples had animosity
                     Optimistic about Brianna’s rap career
                     Malik dated Shana, but he and Bri secretly liked each other
                     Embarrassed by his son because he is gay (Supreme)
                     Understands that non-colored kids can get away with more things
                     Pooh went to jail because she had drugs on her.

New fifth-grade student Hanna V. wrote her book review about the book Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper:

nly Melody knows what she is thinking
Under the car is where Melody’s little sister Penny got hit
Team Melody finds out their flight got cancelled and gets on the early flight leaving Melody.
Open up the box, is what Melody thinks when her medi talker comes
For the first time, Melody could talk.
Melody is in a wheelchair
You left me, is what Melody said when her team left her behind.
Melody is the smartest kid in school.
It takes a while, but Melody makes friends with a nice girl named Rose.
Not very often do people talk to Melody.
Does try to stop her mom from hitting her little sister Penny.


We think you’ll agree that this new book review format is a fun and creative way for students to share the books they read with others. We hope you enjoyed reading this sampling of students’ book reviews as much as we did! You just may have found your next book to read, too!