Winners of Rectory’s First-Ever Pumpkin Carving Contest


The Rectory Community voted and Ms. Siobhan O’Neil announced the winners of our first-ever Pumpkin Carving Contest. All of the entries were creative, unique, and fun to look at. Thank you to all students and teachers who participated and sent us photos of their carved, drawn, and painted pumpkins. And thank you to all of you who voted for your favorites. It was tough to choose between so many artistic entries, but the votes have been tallied. And the winners are…

Middle School Overall Favorite: Roman B.’s “Rectory Centennial” – 

Elementary Winner: Jackson B. – 

Technical Skill Award: Nina S. “Beatles” –

Creativity Awards: Giana, Angelo, and Rocco B.’s “Minions” –

Ashley F.’s: “Nightmare Before Christmas” –

Clara D.’s: “Minion” –

Addy L.’s: “Sugar Skull” –

Tony S.’s: “Two-Faced” Pumpkin –

Thank you to Ms. O’Neil for organizing this fun-filled Halloween activity. We hope it will become an annual Rectory event.