Rectory Theater: Back to School


Photo taken by Ms. Bard of Rectory.

Welcome to the little theater of Rectory! Another summer has gone by, and Rectory has already had a few successful weeks of school. Let’s capture some of the great scenes on our campus over the course of these first few weeks.  

Scene 1: Who is that Wolfie?

When you drove through the main parking lot to get to your dorm, did you see a wolfie waving excitedly at you? Wolfie, which is Rectory’s mascot, is actually a person dressed in a wolf costume. Welcomed by Wolfie, students from all around the world stopped at different tables placed around the circular main parking lot. Each table was manned by a person from a different Rectory department, including the infirmary, the admissions office, the education office, and the technology office, so that students could complete their re-entry tasks. This setup enabled students to maintain social distancing and return to school safely.

Photo taken by Ms. Bard of Rectory.

Although Wolfie was not allowed to talk, he brightened the day of many students and teachers with his clumsy, but amiable waves and the newly-invented “high-elbow bumps,” which has replaced our normal high-fives due to the COVID-19 virus. Teachers and students alike can nominate themselves to be Wolfie. However, Wolfie remains shrouded in mystery. As Ms. Chmura said, “He/She could be your best friend, but you would never know who he is.” 

Now, can you guess who Wolfie was on the first day of school? 

Scene 2: The Dining Hall “Fish Tanks”

The tables in the dining hall now have plastic dividers on them, separating diners according to the positions of the chairs. The international country flags are still hanging over the familiar wooden tables, but the room is filled with surprises. Plastic dividers in front of every chair now separate us from one another while we eat. This allows students to safely enjoy their meals with their masks off and talk to each other “face to face.” Allie R. ‘21 commented, “I feel like I’m in a fish tank.” As the first few days of school passed, students learned different ways to make their voices heard more clearly through the plastic dividers. For example, if you lean backward when talking, instead of towards the person you are talking to, they will be able to hear you better. Though we all miss being able to sit side-by-side with our friends in the dining hall, we know that in order to stay safe while eating our meals we must follow this new safety procedure. At least the plastic dividers allow us to see our friends’ faces, so that’s a plus.


Scene 3: Chalk, Chalk, Everywhere

While there are many activities that students can no longer enjoy during our weekend leisure times, there are new activities that have sparked student interest, such as drawing with chalk on the pavilion. On the first day of chalk drawing, a Sponge-Bob family reunion was drawn on the pavement with a Simpson character next to it; other students played tic-tac-toe with chalk and some drew portraits of each other. Due to the students’ zealous engagement with chalk, the entire floor of the pavilion’s cupola is currently decorated. If you are looking for a nice place to sit and enjoy the last bit of sunshine on these short fall days, please beware. Take care not to sit on any chalk marks! 


Scene 4: The Human Circle

The circle! Volleyball has become a very popular sport to play on the pavilion because it’s easy to maintain social distancing while playing it. During activity blocks, it is very common to see about twenty-five students forming a large circle and passing a volleyball between them. On one recent night, a girl from China received the ball and passed it to a boy from New York. Then he passed it to a boy from Korea… This circle included students from all around the world as the Rectory community had fun on the Seaward Pavilion. We are all happy to be together again, and the virus has not dampened our spirits nor our enthusiasm!

This coming week will be the fourth week of the new school year. I wonder what else is in store for us on the Rectory campus. I can’t wait to find out!