Twin Tastes: Mrs. Burke’s Cooking Blog


Mediterranean Shrimp with Feta and Kalamata Olives over Orzo

Did you know that Rectory’s Spanish teacher, Mrs. Kara Burke, has a blog about cooking? And did you know she has a twin sister named Marni? Well, we are excited to tell you about the cooking blog that Mrs. Burke and her twin sister have online; it’s called Twin Tastes, and you can check it out here:

Twin sisters Marni and Kara. Can you tell which one is Mrs. Burke?

Last year (2019) was a momentous year for both Mrs. Burke and her sister. As you know, Mrs. Burke had twins of her own, Conor and Zoe, and her sister Marni got married! What an exciting year for Kara and Marni’s family! So, as you can surmise, the twins (i.e., Mrs. Burke and her sister) have not had a lot of free time to update their cooking blog. However, The DiRectory was very curious as to how and why Mrs. Burke and her twin started their blog, so we decided to interview her to get all the scoop. Here’s what she told us:

The DiRectory: How did you and your sister get interested in cooking and baking?

Mrs. Burke: Our interest in cooking dates back to our Greek grandmother’s (our Yia Yia) open-arms approach, letting us taste her delicious creations like her famous spanakopita. Our fascination with food and culture continued during our travels abroad in Europe where we saw firsthand the limitlessness of cooking. Our collaboration flourished in our shared, tiny North End, Boston, kitchen and continues in our respective locations. (Mrs. Burke is in Pomfret and Marni lives in Cambridge, MA – – kind of a play on “the city mouse and the country mouse.”)

The DiRectory: Have you or your sister ever taken any formal cooking classes?

Mrs. Burke:  Neither of us has taken any formal classes. We try to gear our recipes towards ones that anyone can feel comfortable making.

The DiRectory: Can you tell us about your blog and what style of cooking a visitor will find there?

Mrs. Burke: We see the act of cooking and entertaining as a form of creative expression, an art that encourages the mixing of flavors, spices, techniques, and stories. We also try to highlight seasonal ingredients and recipes inspired by our travels around the country and Europe.

The DiRectory: What would you say is your favorite type of food?

Mrs. Burke: With our Greek background and our travels through Spain and Italy, a lot of our recipes are Mediterranean-inspired.

The DiRectory: Would you be able to share one of your recipes with us?

Mrs. Burke: One of my favorite recipes that I would be happy to share is a gazpacho recipe I adapted from my señora Marta when I lived with a host family in Madrid during my junior year at Hamilton College. It’s quite appropriate as we are almost in the summer months so seasonal ingredients are readily available. This recipe is quick, easy, and very refreshing! (See Mrs. Burke’s recipe below.)

The DiRectory: Wow! That’s great! Thanks for sharing!  We can imagine that with one-year-old twins at home you must not have a lot of free time to work on your cooking blog. What are your plans for the blog moving forward?

Mrs. Burke: Honestly, we have not been able to put as much time towards the blog as we’d like, with our extra time going towards chasing Zoe and Conor. It is not where we’d like it to be at the moment. Our Instagram account @twintastes is where we try to keep more up-to-date recipes and a glimpse into what we are doing. Nowadays, our free time has been focused more on making quick recipes that we share on Instagram, writing articles for Edible Boston magazine, and trying to gear new recipes towards toddler-friendly food. (Conor and Zoe are the perfect guinea pigs!) We hope to get the blog updated in the year to come, so stay tuned! 

So now you know what it’s like to be a new mom of twins while teaching Spanish at Rectory middle school and also updating a blog about food and cooking in your spare time with your twin sister. Wow, Mrs. Burke! How do you keep it all together?

When you visit the Twin Tastes blog you’ll find lots of recipes from all over the world, including recipes that Mrs. Burke and her sister Marni have created. All of the recipes look delicious, nutritious, and healthy. You’ll also get to read about some restaurants in several famous cities that Mrs. Burke and her sister have traveled to, as well as information about some restaurants in New England. We’re warning you, though; browsing their blog will make you really hungry, so don’t browse on an empty stomach!

The following photo gallery shows the results of a few recipes created by Mrs. Burke and her sister Marni. (All photos were taken by Mrs. Burke.)

We can’t wait to try some of the delicious recipes posted on Mrs. Burke’s blog! We’ll let you know how they come out. Thank you to Mrs. Burke and her twin sister for sharing all these wonderful recipes on their very appetizing blog, Twin Tastes. You must check it out soon!

As promised, here’s Mrs. Burke’s “adapted” recipe for Gazpacho:


1 clove garlic

1/4 of an onion

1/4 of a green pepper

1/4 of a red pepper

1 peeled cucumber

1/2 a slice of white bread, pre-soaked in water (or tomato juice)

1/8 teaspoon cumin

6-7 medium-sized red vine tomatoes, cut in quarters

1/2 cup Olive Oil

3 Tablespoons vinegar

1/2 cup water

generous salt and pepper throughout

Combine all ingredients in a blender and enjoy! It’s that easy.

This refreshing soup is perfect as a starter, accompanied by a fresh corn and avocado salad, a Serrano ham and Manchego panini, or a slab of artisan olive bread. To add to the bright red presentation, we sprinkle a confetti of chopped red peppers, cucumbers, and olives on top of each serving.

Mmm!!  See what we mean?