Painting the Seaward Pavilion Via Zoom


With summer just around the corner, Rectory School hosted an exciting virtual “First Friday” event on May 1st, which, luckily, happened to be on a Friday. In this particular activity, students and teachers painted a picture of our beloved student pavilion. The final product resembled the pavilion in the spring, thriving beside spacious green fields. 

For this event, Ms. Colleen O’Neil ordered a painting kit for each person who had signed up to attend, and a professional painter was hired to instruct and guide the attendees each step of the way. Via Zoom, the professional painter instructed students and faculty members to start their painting by marking the two signature orange chairs from the pavilion on their canvas. Then, all together, the participants worked their way through the triangular sky, the welcoming line of trees in the back, and eventually the gazebo — the landmark of our pavilion. After almost two hours of hard work, the painting was finished by adding “The Seaward Family Pavilion” to the white wooden sign located on the hill in front of the pavilion. 

Seeing all those familiar Rectory faces at this activity felt heart-warming. There was Mrs. Grudzinski earnestly asking about the correct type of brush strokes to use, and there was Mrs. Haines with her son Logan, each trying to paint their own pictures. Overseeing them all, was Ms. O’Neil who had organized this wonderful activity, looking at all the faces with a big smile while sipping her coffee.  

The Seaward Family Pavilion has always been a special place for many members of the Rectory community, not only because of the influences of Mr. Seaward, Mrs. Seaward, and young Mr. Seaward, but also because it’s the place where students can play after school and on weekends. There has always been one “ordinary” activity offered to students each weekend throughout the years at Rectory: gym/fields/pavilion. Painting this special place at Rectory sums up just how much students and teachers alike miss our beloved campus in Pomfret, CT. 

During this term of distance learning, there have been student activities scheduled each weekday evening by Ms. O’Neil, Rectory’s Associate Residential Life Director. The activities have ranged from crafts with Ms. Siobhan O’Neil, Karaoke with Mr. Shen, Bingo with Mr. Long, coloring with Rectory’s little ones, hosted by Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Roy, and the game of Scattergories with Mr. & Mrs. Richardson. All members of the Rectory community are welcome to join in and have fun.

These activities are a great way for members of the Rectory community to stay connected through this challenging time of social distancing. As a member of the Rectory community, please remember these student activities every weeknight; they will bring you joy and offer you a way to see all the people you miss at Rectory. During this extraordinary spring, we can prove that distance cannot separate us!