More Sixth-Grade Poetry from Mrs. Haines’ Poets

More Sixth-Grade Poetry from Mrs. Haines' Poets

Animoto video of sixth-grade poems compiled by Mrs. Shattuck.

Mrs. Haines’ sixth graders continued their study of the elements of poetry during this spring term of distance-learning. The new poems they wrote during weeks 2 and 3 of their poetry unit used sensory imagery and poetic sound devices to express their thoughts and feelings about their favorite colors and topics that are important to them. We’re sure you’ll agree that their finished poems succeed in captivating the reader with their descriptive details that truly awaken your senses. We hope you will enjoy reading their poems in the attached video. Stay tuned for more sixth-grade poems before the end of the school year!

Note: Please make sure you enlarge the screen when you play the video. To return to The DiRectory when the video has finished, simply press your “escape” key.