Mrs. Haines’ Sixth Graders Learn About the Elements of Poetry


"The nature and elements of poetry" (1892) by Edmund Clarence Stedman.

Video of selected student poems from Mrs. Haines' 6th-grade English class.

Mrs. Jamie Haines is a sixth-grade English and history teacher at Rectory. During this spring term of “distance learning,” the students in her sixth-grade English class are studying the elements of poetry, such as rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. Her students recently wrote poems containing these elements, using a site called Boomwriter to enter their submissions.

Once each student had entered his/her poem into the site, all students read their peers’ work (without names attached) and voted on which poems they liked the best. Mrs. Haines then presented the poems that had received the most votes and announced the first-, second-, and third-place winners from her class. You can read these winning poems, along with other class poems that best exemplified the poetry elements that the students have been studying, in the attached Animoto video.

Mrs. Haines told The DiRectory, “We will do this repeatedly throughout the term, and, in the end, the class will have created a “6th- Grade Spring Poetry Book” that they can publish through the Boomwriter site! We can’t wait to read their class poetry book! Way to go, sixth-graders!!

Click on the video beside this story to read a selection of these 6th-grade poems. Please remember to open the video to “full screen.” To get back to the student newspaper, just click on your “Escape” button.