Rectory Students Enter Scholastic Art Competition


All photos by 9th-grader Bob D.

Rectory 9th-grader, Fiona J., next to her award-winning artwork.

This school year (2019/2020) three Rectory School students participated in the Connecticut Regional Scholastic Art Competition, a competition supported by the Connecticut Art Education Association. This competition is an opportunity to recognize the achievements of talented art students in public and private schools and other art programs in Connecticut. 

Rectory students whose art was entered into the contest are ninth-grader Fiona J., ninth-grader Grace Z., and eighth-grader Carson L. You can see their artwork in the gallery below. 



The DiRectory interviewed Rectory art teacher, Ms. Blacklock, and ninth-grader Fiona J. ’20. The following are some details of these interviews.

DiRectory: How did you find out about the Scholastic art contest?

Ms. Blakelock: I first learned about the Scholastic art contest when I was a student, myself. I went to school in Connecticut, and my high school art teacher and 30 students from my high school went to the competition. So when I became a teacher in Connecticut, I was interested in entering our students’ artwork into the same competition.

DiRectory: What are the qualifications to enter the contest?

Ms. Blakelock: Students must be in grades 7 through 12, and their artwork is selected by their art teachers. Most importantly, students must have produced art that is original, creative and speaks from a personal voice. In other words, the artwork entered into this competition is special and unique, so it is an honor to even be considered for entry. 

DiRectory: Talk to me about your artwork, Fiona.

Fiona J.:  The girl in my painting is on fire. I came up with it when I heard the lyrics of a song on the radio. The reason I used spray paint for the hair is that I wanted to add some creativity to my artwork.

DiRectory: What did you learn from creating this artwork?  Do you think that participating in such a contest helped you build a better sense of your art? 

Fiona: Yes, definitely! Every time I do a big art project I learn more about my style. The more complicated pieces I try to create, the more different techniques I learn how to do, and that helps me to understand my own unique style of art.

Each of our students put forth their best effort, and they all fared very well. In fact, Fiona’s piece won a gold medal in the “regional” Scholastic competition. And we just heard some exciting news from Ms. Blakelock (on March 17th, 2020):

Ms. Blakelock: Fiona’s gold medal piece from the regional Scholastic competition placed SILVER at the “national” level! She was competing against other gold key recipients from all over the U.S., so this is quite a big deal. Her piece will be included in the national Scholastic art show that is scheduled to happen this June – more information on that later.

Wow! That really is exciting news! Congratulations to Fiona and also to Grace and Carson! Everyone at Rectory is very proud of your success, and, more importantly, we are proud of your efforts. It is when we stretch our skills that we learn and grow, so we commend all of you for your perseverance, as well as your creativity and talent!