Student Reflection: What Piano Means to Me


Andy playing the piano. (Photo by Rectory tutor, Jen Hague.)

At January’s monthly Chapel, I performed Tchaikovsky’s June on the piano. I was so nervous. I couldn’t keep my legs from shaking. I felt that my face was really red and I felt really hot. I was scared the whole time I was playing this music. When I finished playing the audience applauded thunderously. I was so relieved and felt a great sense of achievement.

Then on Martin Luther King Jr, Day, I went to a nursing home where three or four Rectory students played the piano. I played the same piece by Tchaikovsky twice. When I performed in the activity area, I was not as nervous as I was in Chapel because I did not know any of the people in the audience. Some of them were even sleeping; they are very old, so they get tired easily. 

Piano means a lot to me because I can bring happiness to people. It is important to me because when I play I feel more positive. I am so proud that I have a talent that brings people joy.