Mr. Long’s Big Secret


Mr. Long teaches physics at Rectory School, and he is also a dorm parent and coach. He has been working at Rectory for 17 years. He started back in February of 2002 at the tender age of twenty-two. 

Students and faculty alike love Mr. Long! He is always in a good mood; he is very helpful and kind; and he is lots of fun, too. Recently, however, we discovered that Mr. Long had kept a big secret from all of his coworkers. Are you ready for the big secret? Mr. Long got married on Friday, October 25th, in Mystic, Connecticut, without any guests in attendance!! His Rectory friends had no idea that he was planning to get married!

After interviewing Mr. Long about his secret marriage, we learned how he met his new wife, JC. She is from China, and she works as an Educational Consultant. Some of her clients are current and former Rectory students. About two years ago, when one of her students was having some academic difficulties, she scheduled a Skype interview with the student’s Rectory Advisor, Mr. Long. This Skype interview was the first time that Mr. Long and JC had met each other — and the rest is history!

When we asked Mr. Long why he decided to have a secret wedding, he replied casually, “I am a very private person, and I don’t like to be the center of attention.” Mr. Long said that he and his wife are planning to have a reception sometime next year with all of their friends and family members. Now that’s certainly an event to look forward to! … But wait! We have one final question: Will some of Mr. Long’s Rectory friends be invited to this reception? We sure hope so; we just love weddings, especially the cake! Stay tuned!!!