Rectory’s 2019 Halloween Celebration


Even our Headmaster, Mr. Williams, and his wife, Marcia, dressed in creative costumes on Halloween Day!

Students in all grades, from pre-school to grade 9, as well as our faculty and administrators dressed up to celebrate Halloween on Thursday, October 31st. We had goblins and ghouls, ghosts, witches, vampires, as well as some crayons and M&Ms roaming our campus. We even had a rather handsome, real-life airline pilot who joined in on the festivities! Can you guess which teacher/tutor that is?

Our middle school faculty thoroughly enjoyed passing out treats to the little ones from Rectory CaRE. In fact, many of our faculty members have children of their own in CaRE, and they also enjoyed showing off their little tykes in their costumes.

Several of our furry friends were also dressed in costumes, and they had fun sniffing out all the treats that were being passed out to the children. Don’t worry; we made sure no canines ingested any chocolate candies!

The campus was decorated with pumpkins and fall flowers, which added to the celebratory atmosphere. A fun day was had by all, as you will see in the attached photo gallery. Take a look and check out the variety of creative costumes and scary creatures we had on campus on Halloween  Day…if you dare!