Mr. Williams Pursues a Lifelong Goal


Photo by Tyler M.

Mr. Williams is finally learning to play a musical instrument, a lifelong goal of his.

Mr. Williams has already learned to play several chords on the ukelele. (Video by Tyler M. & Ella L.)

On the first day of school (2019-2020), Mr. Williams made a promise to Rectory School students at the first morning assembly of the year. He announced that he was going to learn to play the ukulele. He explained to the students, “It has always been a regret of mine that I never learned how to play an instrument.” He believes that everyone should understand that no matter how old you are, you can always learn new skills. With the help of his ukulele teacher, Mr.Libera, Mr. Williams is already making progress. We think he can fulfill his promise and learn to play the ukulele this year.

In addition to loving music, Mr. Williams says that the ukulele just seemed to be the perfect instrument as it was easier to learn than any other instrument he had tried previously. He has already mastered the basic chords. Mr. Willams said, “Many older people often do not try new things, but I want to prove that theory wrong.” He is continually inspired by Rectory students and sees how practice and commitment make a difference. In this writer’s opinion, to have an adult who lives up to his promises and tries something new definitely sets a positive example for both younger and older alike. It’s amazing! 

These two reporters decided to write about Mr.Williams because we were inspired by his admirable behavior and the visible example he has shown to us about setting and accomplishing personal goals. We will check in with him again later this year to see how his ukelele lessons are coming along. Watch the short video clip to hear Mr. Williams playing the chords he has already learned. Go for it, Mr. Williams!