Rectory’s Spring Musical, “Once on This Island, Jr.”

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Rectory’s Spring Musical, “Once on This Island, Jr.”

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Did you know that there is a school play coming soon? Rectory’s spring musical, Once On This Island, Jr., premieres today (Thursday, 5/22/19)! It is very exciting to see a new and different type of play because we are used to seeing Disney-themed productions. You are definitely in for a special experience with this spring musical.

Here is a little bit about the play….Ti` Moune, a peasant girl, falls in love and rescues a wealthy boy named Daniel, who is from the other side of their island. The gods refuse Ti’ Moune’s request to love Daniel because she lives on the poor side of the island. A couple of important themes in the show include equality among people and forgiveness.

To learn more about this new story, The DiRectory interviewed some of the cast members, and here is what they had to say…

Addy L.: I love the music and the costumes.

Jake B.: I love the play because of the music. Once I saw the Broadway musical, I was blown away by what I saw, and I knew I had to be in Rectory’s Once on this Island, Jr.

Desiree C.: My favorite character is Andrea because she is tough but sassy. She has an amazing part. She wants to marry Daniel, but Daniel doesn’t love her. He only loves Ti`Moune.

Giana B.: I love the music, especially the opening song, We Dance. There is a lot of fun music and dances. If you ever want to do the spring musical at Rectory, go for it!

Then we spoke to Mrs. Bessette who is the Director of Once on this Island, Jr.

The DiRectory: Why did you select this musical for the school?

Mrs. Bessette: I saw a performance of this show at another school many years ago. I loved the music! It was heartwarming and uplifting, and I always thought it would be fun to direct.

The DiRectory: What do you think is the most challenging part of the musical?

Mrs. Bessette: The most challenging part of the musical for me as a director is that there are so many people in the cast and it is sometimes difficult to find a way to include all students on stage without making it look sloppy. Another challenging aspect of the play is that we don’t always portray all of the scenes in a realistic manner. It is a show that is meant to be more abstract.  We use random props to represent other items. For example, we have students holding branches to represent a tree, we then use those branches to represent a hut later in the same song.

The DiRectory: What message will students learn after watching the musical?

Mrs. Bessette: I hope that students will come away with a few important messages:  

  • It is important to forgive.
  • It is important to “tell our stories,” especially to pass them down from one generation to the next.
  • All people should be treated equally. In this play, it highlights the fact that sometimes people who are poor are not treated as well as those with money.

Please join us for this musical production on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, May 23 – 25, all at 7:00 pm at Rectory School in the Tang Auditorium. Hope to see you there!