Apex Legends: The New Fortnite?



Recently a new video game called Apex Legends was released on February 5th, 2019. Apex Legends hit 10 million players in a time of 72 hours, and in just a week had 25 million players, a massive achievement for any video game. Apex Legends was made by EA and Respawn Entertainment. Apex Legends is a first-person shooter game or FPS game that is also a battle royale. A battle royale is a last-person alive game. Apex Legends is a rising game that many believe will rival games such as Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, and Call of Duty.

Apex Legends is a very good way for people to develop team-building skills. When you are playing Apex Legends you are put in a team of three players. If you don’t want to work together and don’t help your squad mates, they will die, and so will you. There is a wonderful pinging system where you can mark the location of pretty much anything. You can ping where an enemy is, where you want to go, a weapon, etc. You can be taught leadership skills by taking a leadership position and directing where you want your squad to go.

When any video game becomes popular, it attracts cheaters. “Cheaters” or “Hackers” are using some outside software to alter their gameplay, giving them an unfair advantage. An example of cheating or hacking is using Aimbot, a program that is downloaded to give your character perfect aim, so they will never miss a shot. Unfortunately, Apex Legends happens to be one of the games that has cheaters. The creators of Apex Legends have taken quick action and have already banned 16,000 players, a massive feat to achieve in such a short time. Being banned means that these players can no longer access the game under the Apex Legends’ account that they had created.

Personally, I love to play Apex Legends. It has everything I want in a video game, action, fighting, and strategy. I play this game on a daily basis, even though it isn’t the easiest. Although I really like the game, I would change some parts of the game. For starters, I would like to change that you can only play in squads of three, and I would add solo and duo games. I would also like to balance some of the weapons and make them more consistent. I think it would be better if the training for this game were a bit more informative, too. Overall, I like the game and would recommend it to anyone who plays video games. This game is fun to play, but if it is played too much, it can become boring. So play in moderation, and don’t overplay it.