The Starship Robot, Technology From the Future on College Campuses Now

A Starship robot making its delivery to a college dormitory.

A Starship robot making its delivery to a college dormitory.

Wouldn’t it be cool if small coolers were rolling around on Rectory’s Campus? The robot epidemic is just beginning; hold onto your chairs because we are taking off!  

Starship Technologies is a company designed to revolutionize the way local food is delivered. Recently in Fairfax, Virginia, at George Mason University, 25 Starship robots swarmed the campus. These robots were being used to deliver pizza, doughnuts, and coffee on demand to students at the college.

This partnership works out perfectly because George Mason University is partnered with Sodexo Catering, which, in turn, is partners with Dunkin Donuts, Blaze Pizza, Starbucks, and a local convenience store. Students are able to order foods from these restaurants and get robot catering service for a $2.00 fee.

The Starship robots can climb street curbs and hold a maximum weight of 20 pounds. They have sensors that detect people and stairs. The robots can’t climb stairs, so they are programmed to look for ramps instead.

Each robot can complete its delivery on campus in about eight minutes. Although the robots are very effective, a human could actually make most of the deliveries in a shorter amount of time. But, so far, the students seem happy with the robots’ service.

Once the company works out the kinks at a few “starter” colleges, such as George Mason, they hope to eventually spread their cute little robot caterers to colleges across the country. I hope we can get a few here at Rectory sometime soon!

What do you think about this idea? Go to the home page of The DiRectory and make your voice heard; take the poll about whether or not you think robots should be delivering food to students on college campuses.