Is Rectory Haunted?

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Rectory School is almost 100 years old!  It was founded by Reverend and Mrs. Bigelow in 1920 in the rectory of Christ Memorial Church in Pomfret, Connecticut. Within a few years the school had grown, and the Bigelows acquired a neighboring house named Greystoke. However, in 1925, Greystoke burned to the ground, and a new home was needed for the school. Fortunately, the Grosvenor House and one hundred acres, which were located across the street from the church, were available. This house was built in 1792 by Thomas Grosvenor who fought in the Revolutionary War with George Washington.  

Now we ask you… How can a house over 200 years old not have a ghost story or two?!  Mrs. Levesque, a Rectory teacher and tutor, told us a story about one of the ghosts at Rectory. She asked, “Have you ever been to the third floor of the Grosvenor House?” Then she continued, “Probably not, because it’s no longer used for classes, but about 20 years ago, I was working in the old tutor tower, the upper floors of the Grosvenor House. It was dark, about 9:00 pm. At that time of night, I didn’t expect anyone to be around. There always have been creaking sounds in that part of the building, like someone’s walking in the hallway, or there were noises in the walls. However, on this particular night, it wasn’t creaking or scratching I heard, but clear as a crystal bell, I heard boys’ voices. Of course, my first thought was that some Rectory boys had left their dormitory, and I ran out to the hallway and looked over the banister. What did I see? No one! No one was in sight, but I still heard the voices.”

Mrs. Levesque showed us her former office, and she reenacted what happened that night. It all seems like a mystery. Were the voices just in her imagination, or was there really something spooky and ghostly happening in the building back then in the old tutor tower? Faculty with offices in the Grosvenor House say they often hear footsteps, voices, and doors slamming at unusual times. Mrs. Nancy Green, a former Rectory tutor who worked on the third floor of the Grosvenor House, reported that “things kept changing position on my bookshelf, which I found interesting.”

Another Rectory teacher and tutor, Mrs. Kellaway, also had an experience with ghosts in the Grosvenor House similar to the one that Mrs. Levesque had. Mrs. Kellaway told us her story:  “Since the admissions building is from the 1700s, it is quite possible that the building would have some friendly spirits and stories connected to it. Working late one evening two years ago, I heard noises, quiet footsteps, a door opening and shutting. I went downstairs to the main lobby area to investigate, and I could see no one. I didn’t find out who made the sounds; however, I believe that it was a friendly spirit returning to the building where there were many happy memories for the family who first lived in the house.”

Daniel Y. is a sixth-grade student who lives in Fisher Dormitory, and every night, strange things happen. “One night, someone knocked on our windows. Another time, our roof had a creaking sound which seemed like someone was walking on it. The strangest occurrence was when a flashlight shined in on Shawn and Alvaro’s room. The flashlight wasn’t held by a person, but it glowed through the window for about an hour. I believe that Fisher Dorm is haunted!”

Clement W. also had the experience of meeting a ghost. “I also live in Fisher, and just like Daniel said, strange things always happen there at night. I hear banging and scratching and weird noises, and it always makes me concerned. I once heard a young voice talking; I was sure it was not any of my roommates. I went to the bathroom, but I didn’t see anybody awake in my dorm. Then on another night, the emergency exit light suddenly turned on. I really think that Fisher is awesome, but sometimes it can be really scary.”

Alvaro is also a student who lives in Fisher. Here is his story.  “My dorm is in Fisher, and during the first few weeks of school, I heard something scratching on the wall. A few weeks later, I saw a dark figure on my way back to the dorm. My roommate is Shawn, and one night when he was awake, I looked out of the window, and I saw that there was someone aiming a flashlight at our window. That person aimed it at our window for an hour; after that, I heard someone knocking on our wall. There is a spooky basement under Fisher, too. I have no idea what’s in it. Many nights when we walk back to Fisher, we often see people running in the shadows or some kind of animal, such as snakes.”

The DiRectory also interviewed a ninth-grade Rectory student named Natalie who agrees that there are some spooky happenings at Rectory School. “There is a graveyard behind Faraway Dormitory. None of the girls like to go in there, especially in the dark. The closest I will go to the cemetery is behind a tree at the edge of the cemetery. There is also a room with ghosts in Faraway. Some of the bureau drawers in Faraway never stay closed; they keep sliding out.”

The conclusion? Rectory is haunted for sure! Everyone who lives here or is going to live here needs to be aware of the ghosts. Let everyone be warned! During a cloudy, foggy, rainy, scary night, there might be a ghost behind you and … DO NOT LOOK BACK!!!