Celebrating Rectory’s Centennial!

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Editor’s Note: Jonathan C. is a current Rectory student. He is not a member of the newspaper staff, but he helped write this article because he is very excited that our school will be celebrating its 100th anniversary!

The Rectory School was established in 1920 by Rev. Frank Bigelow in the rectory of Christ Episcopal Church in Pomfret, CT. In the beginning, there were only six students enrolled at Rectory; one of them was Rev. Bigelow’s son, John. Rev. Bigelow founded the school since he did not feel that John was receiving the education necessary to prepare him for secondary school. Later, in 1937, John Bigelow became the headmaster of Rectory School; he was headmaster for 37 years until he retired in 1974. Then, Mr. John Green became the headmaster of Rectory. That was during the time when the John Brittain Bigelow Academic Building and the Craig Scott Colhoun Gymnasium opened. In 1990, Rectory again got a new headmaster, Mr. Thomas Army, who was in that position for nineteen years. Later, Mr. Fred Williams became the fifth headmaster of Rectory School after Mr. Army retired in 2009. As current headmaster, Mr. Williams oversaw the construction of the new Learning Center, which houses all of Rectory’s elementary school classes and middle school tutors.

Now it is the year 2018; the year 2020, not quite two years from now, will be the centennial of this captivating school, so let us celebrate its unprecedented success!

Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, Rectory will host a celebration of the school’s centennial! If you don’t know what that means, it’s the one-hundredth anniversary of when the school was established. This celebration will have art exhibits, a Rectory authors’ display, the burial of a time capsule, and a 1920s themed prism concert. If you are a Rectory alumnus, a current student, or the parent of a current or former Rectory student, please share your memories, stories, and/or old Rectory memorabilia with us; we are collecting them to use at our centennial celebration. So, to all our alums out there we say, “Please join us for this magical celebration at Rectory.” Plan on coming to campus to celebrate Rectory’s Centennial with us next year!


On display: Rectory dinner bell and woodblocks used to print The Rectory News.

Check out the Rectory website and The DiRectory for dates and times of the Centennial events! From the Rectory School website (www.rectoryschool.org) click on “About” from the top menu bar; then click on the” Centennial” button. There you will see the link to share your memories! Thank you!