Ms. Minifie’s Art Elective

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This year, Ms. Minifie started a new Art Elective for students who are interested in art to work on their own artwork. Students can choose to work on a variety of projects, such as painting, drawing, clay, scratchboard, and crayon melting. Students are engaged, work in groups, and cooperate with one another on an art piece.

During the mandatory art classes scheduled as part of Rectory’s related arts program, which take place during the academic day, the art teachers assign students to work on specific projects. However, when students sign up to participate in Ms. Minifie’s Art Elective, the format is an open studio, which allows students the freedom to choose any project they want to work on. Rather than giving students requirements to meet an expectation for specific projects, Ms. Minifie will help students with their self-designed artwork, and at the same time, work on her own pieces.

“A lot of students want to do art, but they do not want to work on specific projects assigned by their teacher,” said Ms. Minifie, “so I decided to start this Art Elective so that these students get to do what they want to do, and they can use Rectory’s Art Barn as a free space.”

“Personally, I love art because it is not about what you know, but who you are and how you feel,” Ms. Minifie noted. “Art is a hands-on, engaging, and fun activity, which allows us to express ourselves, and I hope those students who love art, as I do, can find joy out of this Art Elective.”

Based on the creative work produced from students in this new elective, we think many students did enjoy being able to create their own unique art pieces during this elective time. Please view the photo gallery below to see some of the students at work and the artwork they created. We think you will agree that artistic freedom can produce extraordinary results! Thank you, Ms. Minifie, for giving us this wonderful opportunity!




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