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Rectory’s Marching Band Marches On!

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Did you know that Rectory School has a marching band? And did you know that every year Rectory’s marching band participates in Pomfret’s Memorial Day Parade?  We wanted to find out more about what the marching band is and what students enjoy about it, so The DiRectory interviewed Ms. D’Angelo, the Orchestra and Marching Band Director, as well as some students in the band. Read on to get the scoop on the marching band; you just might want to join the band next year!

The DiRectory: What is the marching band all about, and what do they do?

Ms. D’Angelo: The marching band is a group of instrumentalists who play music in the parade. They play drum, flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone. They play 4 songs standing and 3 songs sitting. The songs that they played this year were “Down Main Street,” “Loyalty,” “United Nations,” and “Washington Post March.” They practice during the elective and skill block times.

The DiRectory: What was your goal for the marching band this year?

Ms. D’Angelo: My goal this year was to show new styles of playing music. I want to make sure the students have fun, and I try to give them extra practice.

Students –

The DiRectory: Why did you go into marching band?

  • Emma (Grade 7): Because I like to play my instrument.
  • Insel (Grade 7): Because I can practice my instrument more and learn more.

The DiRectory: How long had you played your instrument before joining the marching band?

  • Emma: I played my instrument for three years before I joined the band.
  • Insel: Two years.

The DiRectory: What do you like most about being in the marching band?

  • Emma: I like having the extra practice and because it’s fun!
  • Insel: I thought it would be a good experience to play my instrument in the parade and because it’s fun to play with the other students in the band.

There you have it! Extra practice and extra fun can be yours if you participate in Rectory’s marching band, or even if you just come and watch us next year in the Memorial Day Parade. So ask Ms. D’Angelo how you can join the marching band; we just keep marching on and on and on! Left, right, left, right!! Fun, fun, fun!!

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Jennifer H., Staff Reporter
I’m a 6th grader at Rectory School, and this is my first year on the student newspaper. I like to play musical instruments. Before joining the newspaper staff, I was in the orchestra and I played the cello. I like to write stories about my interests, which is why I wanted to be on the newspaper...
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  1. Donna Bessette on July 18th, 2017 11:34 am

    This was our biggest band ever, and we are so very proud of these students! The music is not easy to learn, and they did a great job!


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Rectory’s Marching Band Marches On!