Rectory’s Girls’ JV Basketball Team

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Rectory’s Girls’ JV Basketball Team

Video taken by Rectory's professional photographer, Mrs. Seward.

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Do you realize how popular girls’ basketball has become? Rectory has had basketball as a winter sport for many years. Currently, there are three girls’ basketball teams at different levels, since so many Rectory girls are signing up for this sport. The teams are: Girls Varsity; Junior Varsity (JV); and Recreational or REC basketball. About 15 girls are on the JV team, ranging from ninth graders to sixth graders.

The head coach of Rectory’s 2016-2017 JV girls’ basketball team is Ms. Murphy, who is a new English teacher at Rectory. Ms. Murphy played basketball at Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts.

A typical basketball practice consists of running several laps and then practicing different basketball skills. The team has recently focused on rebounding the ball off the boards.

The DiRectory interviewed Coach Murphy to find out how she learned about basketball and what qualities she thinks make a good basketball player.

The DiRectory: How many years have you been playing basketball?

Coach Murphy: I’ve been playing since I was 4. I had one of those little plastic hoops in my driveway.

The DiRectory: What are some important qualities that a basketball player needs to have?

Coach Murphy: Basketball is an interesting sport; for example, compared to soccer, it’s a smaller space and faster movement. A good player will have speed, strength, and skill, but a great basketball player will have all those qualities and also an understanding of how the court works for you/against you and where the open zones are. Also, a great player is a team player, not the highest scorer, but the best rebounder, passer, and player who sees the whole court, not just themselves.

The DiRectory: After the first team loss, what are your thoughts?

Coach Murphy: As a junior boarding school JV team we have players that run the range of experience. After our loss (a very close one to PCS) I knew that as a team we have to work together and see the court. Rebounding will be our toughest skill to learn, but our greatest strength once we do. When we meet opponents at our level, there’ll be some great games.  

The DiRectory: Can you predict which school will be the most challenging competitor?

Coach Murphy: I bet Fay will be pretty good. However, you never know until the tip off.

The DiRectory: Can you predict the overall record for the team this year?

Coach Murphy: No, because players don’t think that way. The present game is the mindset to have. 🙂

Coach Murphy really sounds like she knows the game of basketball well. For example, she knows how important rebounding is for winning, and that’s why she’s having the team practice this skill every day. During practices, she also divides the team in half, so that we can practice by playing games against each other. Coach Murphy understands the importance of players focusing just on the present game and not worrying about our season’s record. She is passionate about basketball, and she’s trying to instill that love in her players. The players on this year’s JV basketball team really enjoy playing for Coach Murphy, and they feel like they’re learning a lot of new skills from her. Good luck to the girls this year, and we hope you can come watch some of our games! That way you can see how much we’ve improved!