The Importance of Art at Rectory


Glass Slumping artwork produced by Emily W. during the fall elective with Ms. Minifie. (See photo gallery below for other students' glass slumping projects.)

Video created by Emily W. during Summer @ Rectory in 2015.

My first experience at Rectory School was during the summer of 2015 when I was a student in the Summer@Rectory program. I would become a full-time boarding student at Rectory in the fall of 2015 and attending the summer program was a great way for me to make new friends, gain confidence, and move past my homesickness before the start of fall classes.

One assignment that I particularly enjoyed that summer, perhaps because I am an artistic person and love to draw and paint, was an art project from which I created a video. First, I took a video of the art work that several students had completed during that summer program, as well as some additional footage of students and teachers from my first Summer@Rectory. Then I edited my video in iMovie; I was proud of the final cut, and Mrs. Shattuck pleaded with me to share it “with the world” by putting it in our online student newspaper. You can watch my video by clicking on the link on the top right of this article. I hope you enjoy it!

This fall, 2016, I was a member of Ms. Minifie’s elective “Glass Slumping.” It looked like a cool elective to take, so I signed up for it as my first choice for the fall term. Boy, am I glad I did; it was a cool elective! Ms. Minifie taught us how to make “glass slumping” artwork that looks like the stained glass windows you see in old churches. At first, I didn’t know what “slumping” was, but Ms. Minifie told us that “it’s an art technique used to make items by shaping glass over molds at high temperatures in a kiln.” It was fun to learn a new art form, and everyone who saw our finished products thought they were beautiful! We each designed our own pieces; mine is a hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower. You can see for yourself by looking at the attached photos of glass slumping artwork from some of the students who were in this elective. I’m sure you will agree that they came out beautifully!

Now in my second year at Rectory School, I have learned that art is very important for the members of this community. Art is a great way for people to express themselves, and by displaying student artwork around the school, it certainly makes our surroundings more beautiful. More importantly, it shows the students that their creative expression is valued here, and that makes us feel special. I love being part of the Rectory community, and I love having the opportunity to express myself through my artwork, knowing that it will be viewed and appreciated by others!