Finding Your Way Around: Rectory Campus Tour & Video

Video by Alexander G., Grade 9

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I am currently a 9th-grade student at Rectory School, and this is my sixth year here. Yes, I started at Rectory when I was just a little 4th grader, but, honestly, in many ways it seems like just yesterday. It’s hard to believe that I will be graduating next spring with the Class of 2017!

This year I am enjoying my role as a student ambassador, which means that I give tours of the Rectory campus to prospective students and their families. I decided to create a video tour of the campus for students who have not yet visited our school, so that they, and their parents, could see what our campus looks like. In addition, because our newspaper is online, any local community members who have also never visited Rectory School can watch my video and see how beautiful our campus is.

Some unique highlights of my video, which you are about to watch, are:  a glimpse at the Seaward Family Pavilion, which was dedicated last fall (2015); a view of the new Wang Family Amphitheater, which was just dedicated this fall (2016); and some relaxing background music, without a voiceover. I purposely did not include a voiceover because I wanted my video to capture the peaceful, easy feeling I have when I am here at Rectory. Instead, I added subtitles for the particular stops we make during our tour, but I did not add a voiceover track. I hope you enjoy my video, and if you haven’t come to visit us here at Rectory School yet, please do make it a point to come see us and our beautiful campus!