Advice From the 2016 Graduates


The annual ninth-grade sweatshirt photo for the graduates from The Class of 2016.

At some point we will all be ninth graders, and we will graduate from Rectory. We have always heard that ninth grade is a very difficult year because ninth-grade students have so much extra work to do. In addition to their regular school work, they have secondary school applications to complete, essays to write, and SSAT and TOEFL tests to take. So, at the end of last year, before the 2016 graduates left Rectory School, we interviewed some of them to ask what advice they wanted to give to the younger students at Rectory. We were eager to find out if the students who had already completed ninth grade could give us some helpful tips to make our own ninth-grade experiences easier. We were also curious as to how they felt about graduating from Rectory and what they would remember most about the time they had spent here. Were they excited and happy to be graduating, or were they sad to be leaving?

According to Mr. Campbell, there were 59 graduates in the Class of 2016. Some of them had spent just two memorable years at Rectory School, while others had been here since the 4th grade. We presumed they would have a lot of memories about the beautiful times they had spent together here, and we were pretty sure they would have many thoughts to share with us. Here is some advice from last year’s graduates for all the underclassmen at Rectory School.

DiRectory: What advice do you want to give to the younger students at Rectory?

Abisola L.: Keep working hard and always seek help from others when you need it.

Aleyna L.: Follow the rules so you won’t get into trouble; know that the experiences at Rectory are precious. 

Tianshu W.: Be happy and positive every day. Treasure your time left at Rectory and be friendly to people around you.

Sion P.: I would like to tell the kids that you should always listen to your teachers.

Nick K.: Be nice to others.

Seiya N.: Don’t do anything stupid.

DiRectory: How do you feel about leaving Rectory? (sad, excited?)

Abisola L.: I am excited that I will be starting fresh at Middlesex, but I will never forget my experience at Rectory. 

Aleyna L.: I am excited, but sad because I will miss my friends at Rectory, and I will never forget my teachers.

Tianshu W.: Sad and excited. Sad for separating from my friends and teachers; excited for going to high school, meeting new people, and learning new stuff.

Sion P.: I feel really, really sad, and I will miss Rectory.

Nick K.: Sad because I will miss all of the teachers and students that I have met and made strong connections with.

Seiya N.: Both excited and sad. Excited for going to high school; sad for leaving Rectory.

DiRectory: What’s your most memorable moment at Rectory?

Abisola L.: Going on the rides at Six Flags.

Aleyna L.: Rectory taught me a lot of life lessons and helped me find who I am.

Tianshu W.: Last Sunday at Six Flags, we all got wet after we went on the water slide.

Nick K.: Every day because each day I made new memories with my friends.

Seiya N.: When I helped my team win the sports game.

 DiRectory: What did you learn at Rectory?

Abisola L.: To believe in myself.

Aleyna L.: I learned how to make new friends, about leadership, and new perspectives.

Tianshu W.: I learned how to be friendly to other students and teachers.

Nick K.: To be respectful and care for others, and I learned a lot about math!

Seiya N.: To listen to your teachers!

We are glad we talked to these ninth graders before they graduated; they had a lot of good advice for the younger students who are still at Rectory. To the Class of 2016, we say: We will remember your smiles and your advice to the younger students. Rectory School will remember your contributions to this community and will always be open to you whenever you come back and visit. Best wishes from the Rectory Newspaper Staff to our honorable 2016 graduates! Congratulations to them for the great secondary schools they got into! (See the article “Where Have the 2016 Rectory Graduates Gone?” to find out where they are now.) We hope you enjoy your high school years! And don’t forget to come back and visit us.