My Lost Binder

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Note from Mrs. Shattuck, The DiRectory advisor:  The following poem was initiated one day during the first week of school in September. New fifth-grade student, Addisyn, had misplaced her binder, and she was very upset that she would not find it. If you are not aware, the Rectory student binder contains all the students’ homework papers, notes from class, handouts from the teacher, the students’ daily schedules, and their homework notebook, where they record all of their assignments. As you can imagine, a student is horrified at the first indication that their binder is lost! So Addisyn and I walked around the school looking for her binder, and she said to me, “I wish there was a binder finder!” I thought it was such a unique and creative idea, that I commented to Addisyn, “Hey! That rhymes, Addisyn! You should write a poem about a binder finder!” As we continued searching for the binder, we had fun thinking up combinations of rhyming words and phrases that Addisyn could include in her poem. When we got back to class, she wrote them down and organized them into the following poem! … And for those of you who are faint at heart: Yes, Addisyn did indeed find her binder!! Case closed on a very happy note!!

My Lost Binder

by Addisyn H., Grade 5

Today I lost my binder,
I wish that I could find her.
I looked everywhere I’d been,
I looked some more and then,
I wished there was a “binder finder.”

If there was a “binder finder,”
I wouldn’t be in such a bind.
It had all my homework inside,
So I’ve also lost all my pride.
Whoever finds it, will be so very kind.

If I had a “binder finder,”
I could find my lost binder.
I’d get all my homework done,
And life would be much more fun…
Now where is that binder finder???!!!