Minions: Movie Summary and Review

Minions: Movie Summary and Review

Warning! Spoiler alert!!

The prequel Minions is the third movie in the Despicable Me series, but it takes place before the first movie. It is all about Bob, Stuart, and Kevin, three minions who want to search for a new evil master. The minions are a group of small, yellow, adorable creatures who wear blue overalls and goggles. They are constantly searching for a new evil master because they were created to serve evil, but they always accidentally destroy their old master. Minions are billions of years old; they’ve been around since the time of the dinosaurs!

As the movie begins, the minions have no evil master, and they live in an icy cave and take care of themselves. They recently killed off the cavemen and dinosaurs, who were their previous evil masters. The minions build their own city and live together. After a few years, they start to get bored, so Kevin decides to go on a journey to find a new evil boss. He asks for some volunteers, and two minions named Stuart and Bob ask to go with him. So the three of them set off for the Villain Convention in Orlando, Florida, in the mid-1960’s. They meet a family on the side of the road who’s also going to Villain Con, and they give the minions a ride to Orlando. At Villain Con they meet Scarlet Overkill, the first female super villain, who lives in London. They become her apprentices and return to London with Scarlet, who orders them to steal the Queen of England’s crown.

The minions invade the Queen’s palace and steal the crown. While they are running away with the crown, Bob pulls a sword out of the London Stone and is crowned King of England! Scarlet gets mad and comes to the palace to get the crown from the minions.

Meanwhile, the other minions have been communicating with Kevin and working for the Yetis (think white, fluffy, evil Sasquatch) up until they broke a chunk of ice that fell on the king Yeti, killing him instantly. Oops! So, the minions make a run for it. The Yetis chase them for quite a long distance, so the minions boarded a plane to London. Well, sort of. They hopped on the wings and hitched a ride!

Back at Buckingham Palace, Bob, Stuart, and Kevin are living like kings until Scarlet barges in, and takes over! Bob is scared, and he makes a new law that allows him to give Scarlet the crown. But Scarlet turns on the minions and throws them in the dungeon! After an exciting jailbreak, the minions run away into the city. Scarlet hunts them down and minion-naps (like kidnaps) Bob and Stuart. Kevin finds one of Scarlet’s old gadgets, and it makes him taller than all of the buildings in London! Scarlet has Bob and Stuart tied to a pile of TNT, and she’s about to set it on fire when giant Kevin scoops them up and douses them with water from a park fountain!

Meanwhile, the rest of the minions are in a restaurant when they see giant Kevin. They run into the streets and join up with Bob and Stuart. Scarlet finds Kevin and flies an explosive into his mouth! He traps her in his hand, but she uses her rocket dress to fly them into the sky. Then, the rest of the minions see a huge explosion in the sky! Is Kevin okay?! He is! Kevin comes falling down from the sky, normal-sized again, and he joins his tribe of minions. The minions head back to Buckingham Palace, and the Queen of England rewards Bob, Stuart, and Kevin. But then the Queen finds out her crown is missing again!!! Suddenly, Scarlet shoves her way through the huge crowd. She’s alive, and she has the Queen’s crown! As she starts to run away, a beam of ice comes out of nowhere and freezes her in an ice block! A small boy steps out of the crowd and plucks the crown right out of Scarlet’s hands. He hops in his silver plane and flies away. The minions chase him as he flies away. They’ve finally found their boss, who is Gru as a child! (Gru is the minions’ boss in the Despicable Me movies).

Minions is a great movie for all ages, and I recommend it for people who are interested in exciting animated movies! It’s really funny and adventurous, and I loved watching it! The animation is great, and the plot has a lot of unexpected twists that captured and held my attention throughout the movie. Even if you haven’t seen Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, you can still watch and understand Minions. It is very entertaining and the whole family will enjoy it!!